2020 Candidate Platforms

Associated Students Spring 2020 General Elections will take place from May 18th to 28th, 2020. 
Voting takes place from May 27th to May 28th. All enrolled students are eligible to vote. 
Go to: https://lancerLife.pasadena.edu and sign in using your go.pasadena.edu credentials.

Questions? Email: PCCStudentLife@pasadena.edu


Mackenzie Rivera

Hello, my name is Mackenzie Rivera and I am running for the position of President of Associated Students. Having gone through this difficult transition from daily, in-person socializing/meetings/etc. to a purely virtual platform I understand the hardships that many are facing. Several weeks ago, my world was turned upside down by this pandemic just...

...as I imagine it has for all of you as well. Classwork turned into busywork, my loss of interactions and socializations morphed into a lack of motivation, and ADD ANOTHER EXAMPLE. Despite these new barriers arising, I have remained resilient and am here to advocate for our students who are

We are in a time where we need students more than ever to step up to the plate and advocate in places where their voices are needed most in places such as calendar committee where the fate of intercession is decided by staff .With my experience on the current executive board as the Vice President of Campus Activities, I believe I have the qualities needed to lead this amazing organization. With my experience in chairing meetings, running events, and coordinating groups of people I know that I have the skills needed to lead the executive board.

It is my goal to bring unheard voices to the table and to be an ally to my peers. With this objective in mind I would like to bring more awareness and assistance to student’s needs such as mental health, lack of resources (i.e. laptops, source of internet, food, etc.), bridging the equity gap, and making PCC a more inclusive environment so that our students can become involved and knowledgeable about this organization.

Robert Villanueva

Hello Lancers, I am Robert Villanueva, a formerly incarcerated student who values community and the power of a higher education. After successfully completing treatment from IMPACT treatment Programs, I lived in transitional housing for seven months. Throughout this time, I was employed at the Ronald Reagan Library. However, due to transportation...

...issues, I was unable to work as many hours, fell behind on rent, and was on the verge of becoming homeless. I contacted the Flintridge Center and Union Station Homeless Services for housing assistance. I accomplished a six week ‘Seek and Safety Course’ to obtain housing and shortly after earned a position to serve as the sober living manager for IMPACT.

After securing basic needs, I took the opportunity to connect with FIRST for a campus tour of Pasadena City College. The following week, I walked out of my counselor’s office becoming the first in my family to enroll in college. I am responsible for assisting patients with accessing resources and ensuring their safety and sobriety—this experience has exposed me to people from diverse identities, including but not limited to LGBTQ, formerly incarcerated, and HIV positive. As a member of CORE and a FIRST board member, I assist in organizing events that establish a sense of community and support for ALL students and attend meetings regularly. As a formerly incarcerated community college student I have used my positionality to support others’ emotional and academic growth. My long battle with social exclusion has reminded me of the obstacles I had to overcome to be in the position I am today.

As Associated Student President, I will represent student voices by holding student panels, workshops, campus town halls, focus groups and forums where students can voice their experiences so that faculty, staff, and administration have a better sense of student needs and concerns. I will advocate for visible spaces on campus for marginalized students like myself to be able to develop community. I will represent students’ voices for equality and inclusion.

My plans for this position will start by utilizing my relationships with resources—both on and off campus—to provide students who lack access to acute basic needs such as transportation, housing, food, and technology. I aim to eliminate any barriers that prevent students from being successful at Pasadena City College. I plan to create campus-wide events such as concerts and cultural performances that invite students and faculty to develop stronger relationships and a sense of community. Other events such as conference travel and college visits will give students opportunities to explore the world outside of PCC and Los Angeles County. I plan to attend as many events hosted by all student organizations and Board Meetings to learn and communicate how PCC can better serve student needs. I am committed to highlighting the voices of my peers and creating change. Together we will rise.

Executive Vice President

Christopher Theung

Hello PCC students! My name is Christopher Theung, and I’m running to serve as your Executive Vice President for the next academic year. The Executive Vice President position is an important part of maintaining student life on campus, as they are the person responsible for directing how clubs and organizations function.

My story begins with establishing...

...a new club and becoming the leader of said club here at PCC, and I worked my way up into club council committees, working alongside past Executive Vice Presidents assigning funding and verifying volunteer hours for clubs. I eventually landed into my position currently serving on Associated Students.

I am seeking re-election to serve again as your Executive Vice President for the next academic year. With the knowledge I have cultivated from my longtime participation with clubs and organizations I plan to go beyond the normally assigned duties of my position to enhance the student experience of finding, joining and forming clubs on campus.

With that said, I don’t want to win your vote solely through the fact that I’ve done the job before. I realize we are coming out into a changed world and will make a commitment to serve you within the best of my abilities during the challenging year ahead. Tangible examples of the things I plan to do if elected include:

  • Continuing to send out weekly club council newsletter emails sent out for consistent communication and full transparency.
  • Getting documentation made (in video and written form) on how to establish and maintain your club as a PCC student.
  • Solidifying the process of registering clubs and processing club paperwork all electronically through our online platform, LancerLife.
  • Empathizing with student’s concerns as they arise out of the current situation, and through these understandings promote your issues to the right administration and staff to make a difference.
  • Preparing for anticipated challenges by thoroughly planning alternative procedures in the event of any new unexpected changes in the academic year.

Vice President for Student Services

Kevin Diaz

My name is Kevin Diaz I am a first-generation college student and in the midst of finishing my second-year biology student at PCC. I am a biology major with the goal of making it into the medical field and helping impoverished families in low-income communities get access to the health care they deserve. I am really excited and if I am elected...

...to be in this position my main mission would be to help and support as many students as I possibly can.

Making sure that I do everything in my power to help the needs of students and making sure that they are heard and that we help them on their academic journey. One option in mind would be to do monthly check-in with students to get an idea of how students are feeling. I would focus especially around the beginning of the semester to get an idea of what students may need and how we could support them and be comfortable in this environment. I will also plan events that are not only fun and interactive but ones that have at the end of the day help students and make an impact on them. I want to make a difference and assist students. In addition, I will find, collect, and provide as much information to students to help them through their college experience. This can be through information about tutoring, counseling, access to food, technology needs, mentorship, etc. Aiming for our goal of helping as many students as we can.

Last year I was fortunate enough to be a part of the student's services committee and through being a part of this committee I really enjoyed seeing how the committee operates and helping students around PCC. I was a part of the committee and have experience in knowing how to help students and what events worked and what ways to help grow our outreach to students. In addition, I believe that being a tutor for high school and college students has allowed me to find ways to help my students in the college setting and I have an understanding of the support and resources that students need. Using this information and implementing that mentally into the committee to find ways to aid students through resources, information, or moral support. In ways that I would help represent the voice for students would be to first listen to them and understand their values, opinion, beliefs, perspectives, and backgrounds to best understand the student body and how I can best support everyone. I will also make sure that no voice is left unheard and allowing us to get the feedback to improve. I will work with other committees and clubs as well to reach students and hear their concerns and needs. My goal once again is to reach and help students through their academic journey and I will do just that by providing assistance, reaching their needs, and providing a great college experience.

Lori Nalbandian

Hello Fellow Lancers,
My name is Lori Nalbandian, and I want to be your next Vice President of Student Services!

Do you need healthcare services? Are you in need of childcare while you attend classes? Do you know whom to speak to if you want to transfer or understand your academic records? These and many more services are what I would like to bring to...

...the forefront as your Vice President of Student Services!

Do you need healthcare services? Are you in need of childcare while you attend classes? Do you know whom to speak to if you want to transfer or understand your academic records? These and many more services are what I would like to bring to the forefront as your Vice President of Student Services!

Over the past year and a half that I’ve spent as a student at Pasadena City College, I observed that many of us are unaware of the free resources available to students. As an active student at PCC, I have participated in athletics, volunteer organizations, ethnic clubs, and communitybased volunteer programs, all of which have allowed me to engage with my fellow Lancers. During my interactions, I noticed the lack of awareness of essential student services, such as our Veterans Center, Disabled Student Services, and Healthcare Services, to name a few. As your next Vice President of Student Services, my objective is to promote these vital student support programs so that all Lancers feel empowered and supported during their academic and personal development at PCC.

Based on my experiences of leadership in academia and within the City of Pasadena, I understand the dedication and determination it takes for a leader to make a positive impact. As a student-worker involved in Pathways, EOP&S, and PCC Upward Bound, student services holds a special place in my heart. As students, we not only need a uniting voice, but we need someone to listen to our questions and concerns. Who better to be a voice and open ear to students than one of your peers? A student who attends the same classes you do and understands this journey. By electing me, Lori Nalbandian, as your Vice President of Student Services, you will be entrusting a servant leader who is dedicated to ensuring that all of our voices will be heard.

Adaptability, Optimism, Transparency, Vision These interlocking characteristics have enabled me to be an agent of change within the communities that I serve. As your Vice President of Student Services, my intent is to provide support for all Lancers despite socioeconomic status, ethnicity, spiritual alliance, sexual orientation, and gender. This mission can only be achieved through a leader who is purposedriven, empathetic, and resourceful. As your Vice President of Student Services, I will not only serve you, I will lead you to success and in this process, I hope to inspire you.

Thank you for this opportunity, and I hope that you vote for me, Lori Nalbandian, for Vice President of Student Services, one Lancer wanting to make a change for all.

Ma Louise Panaligan

Hello! I’m Louise Panaligan, a 3rd year student studying Computer Information Systems. I have always been interested in helping others, and Circle K has been my home here at PCC. I developed my leadership by joining Circle K my freshman year, a community service organization with global connections rooted in local efforts. Serving as their Vice President...

...made me realize that there is so much more we can do together.

I’m running for Vice President of Student Services, because I know what student needs are and I can effectively advocate to better connect students like me to student services. I was once a student struggling to balance my school and work life, leading me to miss out on campus activities and resources. I know that there are many students who go to class and leave right away for the necessity of work, not knowing what our school could offer them. There is a disparity in student voice and not all students are equally heard. There are a multitude of reasons why student voices are lost whether that be lack of access, time, ability, or resource. Without access to a physical campus during these times, it is now more important than ever to create equal access to student voice spaces.

This year I will continue advocating for our students and work with school services to solve the new issues at hand. I will listen to the stories of our students then analyze the facts and data to give them the best chance at education.

I intend to create more comprehensive information and guides for students to access school support. I will use social media and increase school services exposure through events to achieve this. In addition, I will provide flexible office hours and ask for professor involvement in communicating with students who may not have time aside from class to have their voices heard. Furthermore, I will advocate for transitional support for students after stay at home orders are lifted. Continual support is crucial for students because their life after quarantine may be looking for a new job, struggling to pay rent, or wondering if they can stay in school.

My experience with the Foundation for California Community Colleges taught me the skills to reach out to peers and find solutions. My purpose as a student liaison was to close the gap between students and services. It moved me to hear student stories and the different perspectives on the needs of the community. We hosted meetings with faculty and students to ask what they believe hinder these students’ growth and how to establish funding and structural support to keep them pursuing higher education.

It is important to recognize that our systems are not perfect in understanding and connecting our students and I strive to close that gap. I’m Louise Panaligan and I am running for Vice President of Student Services. I will strive to connect and provide you the resources you need to achieve academic success.

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Noelia Cortes

As a student in my first year at PCC and a current member of the Academic Commission, I have discovered a passion to serve our student body, and as Vice President of Academic Affairs, I hope to increase every opportunity for success within classes and our students’ futures. 

I have plans to create a greater sense of community through major...

...specific meetings that will help students explore possible careers and options, whether they are committed to a major or undecided. These meetings can take on the form of informative presentations and social events, providing students greater access to tutoring and internships, while also boosting networking experience through making connections with students and professors. Meeting other students who share certain passions also creates the chance to form study groups and share experiences related to academic goals and career pathways.

I have previously served in positions that have taught me the necessary skills to serve PCC. One of these has been as a Chapter Coordinator for SoCal Junior State of America. In this position, I called students from across the region and assisted by providing them with information spanning from event planning to convention registration, and by listening to their ideas and concerns to better their experience in the organization. I also served as a site council student representative. My responsibility was to analyze my high school’s climate and voice the problems students were facing in terms of academics and mental health. Throughout my term on the council, I collaborated with teachers and administration to plan funding for a new community wellness center and the implementation of new policies regarding wellness center hours and how and when students could access this resource.

My experiences have given me the opportunity to learn how to listen to students and address the concerns that are most important in guaranteeing their success. I have learned from my previous positions and know that I have the skills and dedication to successfully aid our community through collaboration and action, especially during this difficult time. I am here to serve our students and work towards increasing the opportunities our students have to succeed here at PCC.

Christina Zhang

As the VP of Academic Affairs, I will strive to promote academic success and create opportunities for future career paths for my peers. As a current student, I know the obstacles and dilemma of finding internships and discovering your major path. I want to eliminate that dilemma by creating internships and job fairs where students may discover...

...opportunities to speak with employers about their intended field, forming connections and be able to learn more about internships and an opportunity to shadow a professional

Equally as important, I want to create a transfer mentorship program where incoming students can reach out to alumni who have studied at an institution of that student’s field. I feel that many students are lost in the first years at PCC; with the help of a mentor, they could receive important advice that can benefit them during their time at PCC. I want to be able to create change by understanding the types of problems that PCC students are encountering in their lives. In many cases, students have parttime jobs and extracurriculars that do not allot time to utilize the academic services that are currently offered here. I want all students to realize that there are a plethora of resources on campus: from getting help from a tutor to aid in essay revision to solving a calculus problem in the dead of night, help is always around the corner.

Currently, I am apart of the Academic Commission. Through that, I have seen firsthand the numerous issues as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic. As the next VP of Academic Affairs, I strive to resolve the problems imposed by the student body and curate new events that benefit all students across every major.

As a student at PCC, I know what it is like to struggle in classes academically and personally. I want to be there for everyone who is struggling and guide them to the assistance they need. I will work with the Academic Commission for the best solution for struggling students. I find that I work well with many people and I enjoy discovering each of my peers’ skills and strengths and helping use those to determine which tasks they would be best suited for. I want for our time here at PCC to be memorable, as such, I want students and faculty to be able to succeed at this school and be prepared to transfer to a 4 year institution or to discover different career paths. I want to be able to execute the student’s opinions in order to help make our campus more fun and enjoyable. I always see the events on campus and I try to attend, that being said, there are many more events that the student body we can provide since the majority of the students on campus are looking to transfer and do well in their classes. I hope that I can bring change onto the student body and provide support for the students by creating more events.

Vice President for Community Diversity


Joanna Chun

I am of mixed ethnicities; I plan to fulfill my responsibility to inform my fellow students of the diversity we have within our campus. As a Student, Teacher, and Mother I bring forth the view of having an open mind and patience to further evolve with the fellowship of my peers. To develop Lancer Pride within our evolution of diversity.

I grew up in...

...Hollywood, California; where diversity is all we see. From the many changing styles of fashion. Living within the time of the 90s to present gives me a broad view of how our times have changed. I have volunteered at many events and worked with many people who walk
different values and morals. Teaching religious education has been the biggest influencer toward my evolving skills of diversity. Taking part in one of their grand annual events that allow me to meet people from around the
world. Being able to take workshops that help me understand new and old ways of life that can be adaptive to our current society. Personally being raised by a mother of Spanish descendants and a father of Korean descendants; gives me two different points of view from culture. Growing up in a society that judges me by my looks rather than by who I am.

Society reads my name and assumes my identity. Sees me physically and judges my future. I am the person I am by the knowledge and skills I have acquired from all the Professors, Mentors, and Members of the community. I want to be part of our community; where we are known for who we are and not by our name or by how we look on the outside. We are more than just that, we are unique and this is what I would like to represent. The unity of our uniqueness and the pride of being a Lancer.

Jasmine Lopez

My vision as Vice President for Community Diversity is to unite cultures, identities, and all student voices of the Pasadena City College community in order to cultivate an inclusive and equitable campus climate. My name is Jasmin Lopez; I identify as a non-traditional student, and my plans once elected are to learn, empower, and create an equitable...

...community for all students of PCC through the power of unity and justice.

My passion for social justice advocacy makes me uniquely qualified to represent the associated student body in this position. My commitment to fulfill the responsibilities of Vice President of Community Diversity is to celebrate diversity, unite communities, and eliminate discrimination while organizing events with a holistic, multicultural approach.

My perspective on diversity in a community setting acknowledges the various cultures, ethnicities, genders, abilities, and identities that currently contribute to the vibrancy of our campus. My plans for the Community Diversity Committee include empowering bold leaders, facilitating equity and inclusion across all campus spaces, and celebrating the vibrant and diverse Student Life that exists at PCC. Unity is one of the most impactful ways to create social change and liberation through education. The experiences that have contributed to my assets as a student leader are: serving as a board member of F.I.R.S.T. (Formerly Incarcerated Radical Scholars Team), my role as Underground Scholars Ambassador for Pasadena City College, working as a Student Success Coach for the Puente Project, and my position as the Office of Student Life intern. Some of my tasks among these communities involve organizing cultural, wellness, justice, and leadership events with the intention of building safe learning spaces—organizing such events has inspired me to continue to learn from students, staff, and faculty.

My core values are speaking with integrity, empathy, and emotional intelligence. Listening to and including all student voices is key to healing, learning, and growing as a collective community. I believe all our experiences are valid and deserve respect. Together we will rise.

Connie Rivera

Hi, my name is Connie Rivera and I am running for Vice President of Community Diversity. I have been on the Associated Students Executive Board before as VP of Community Diversity which gave me the opportunity to experience being a student leader and the knowledge on how to run a committee as well as create and run events. I am re-running for this...

...position because I want to continue helping students and continue to contribute to student life as much as I can. 

I have learned how to run events face-to-face on campus as well as virtually. I have also sat in shared governance meetings with faculty. Before I was in a board position I was in two committees my first year at PCC. I have also helped create and run a workshop that had never been done before with fellow students. Being in this position gave me a great opportunity to help celebrate the different communities on campus. In this position I was able to help promote the diversity of our campus and celebrate students. Some events I loved planning were LGBTQ+ Pride, Day of the Dead, Spoken Word for Black History Month, and Armenian Genocide Awareness. Having been in this position before is an advantage because I know how to run this position through all the changes that is currently happening. I want to expand what this position has done in the past, including what I have done this term. Now that events are going to possibly be more virtual I want to reach out and interact with students more than just when we have events. I also want to have more events that are interactive even when we are off campus. I will make sure the events I plan represent the diversity of our campus. This year I want to reach out more to students than I did during my current term even when I don’t have an event running. I will represent the voices of the students by making sure there are multiple opportunities for students to have a voice. I will also have events where students whose voices aren’t always heard are being represented. I want to make sure student voices are heard because without students there is no college. Students should all be represented and heard even when they aren’t physically present.

Vice President for Sustainability

Emmanuel Gomez

My current standpoint on Sustainability being implemented at Pasadena City College is prevalent in efficiency. If I am elected Vice President for Sustainability, I plan to encourage students, faculty, and staff to practice sustainable living. As part of the Associated Students contingency plan, I will coordinate activities and initiatives that will...

...promote reduction of waste, energy efficiency, and investing towards renewable energy.

Installing additional hydration stations, microwaves, and composting bins on campus will significantly reduce the amount of waste produced. Students continue to take it upon themselves to use reusable water bottles but the amount of hydration stations on campus has not met the demand. By installing more hydration stations on campus, students, faculty, and staff will continue to contribute to the reduction of single-use plastic bottles.

To further reduce single-use packaging waste, I believe, that by increasing the number of microwaves available on campus, students will be encouraged to bring their own food in reusable containers.

Lastly, I plan to introduce a compost system on campus to reduce food waste from reaching landfills to counteract climate-change. I plan on facilitating the life of future generations on campus by proposing long-term self-sustaining solutions.

As a student, I’ve been able to relate with my peers in frustration. The lack of microwaves on campus has led me to give up on packing a lunch for school. There aren’t enough microwaves on campus for all students to heat up their lunch in between classes and many times I’ve found myself tempted to just purchase food from nearby restaurants. It is for this reason that I wish to prevent students from doing the same and creating more waste in having to purchase single-use plastics.

I am here for the students because I am a student. I want to know what frustrates you and how we can work towards finding attainable solutions, together. I stand in solidarity of those struggling to get through a college education.

Santiago Vargas

My name is Santiago Vargas, and I am currently the VP of Sustainability. I am running for this position once again because I believe the area of sustainability in a community college like PCC must be tackled with a more innovative and divergent angle. During the last couple of years, I have realized that the access to nutritious food is limited only...

...to those who could afford it, not even mentioning the nutritional values that those items truly have. A clear goal set by the Sustainability Committee is working on the change on the whole mindset: Caring about what you eat. -[FIRA]. FIRA (Future of Innovative and Revolutionary Agriculture) is a stunning way of producing nutritious food in a more productive and efficient way. Combining science and agriculture, by connecting some dots, while having student’s and staff’s input we would be able to innovate in an area that truly needs to also review and could be reinvented. Cutting the environmental impact, we as humans produce and creating accessibility to those who truly need it. I Am running again because I truly believe that the whole mindset must be a priority for the students themselves and for those who serve the students FIRA is challenging any institutional obstacle in place today at PCC, and would break many more with the voice of all you. Students have the power to change the world, and we would demonstrate it. In case you guys would like to know about who I am. Colombian engineering major. A young visionary who believes that sustainability is the road we must take. Came to the United States 3 years ago with couple of bags, but millions of dreams. 

And this is why I am running again, because I believe you deserve quality and nutritious food throughout your journey at PCC.

Vice President for Public Relations

Albert Tran

Hi, my name is Albert Tran and I am a second-year at PCC. I am running for the Public Relations position on the Associated Students board. I believe I have the traits needed to fulfill this position with the best of its ability. Through my experiences of getting to know fellow PCC students and what they think of the campus, I feel I would be the best...

fit for this role. Utilizing social media, I want to be able to promote certain events, activities, and departments that will benefit and help students. In this position, I want to serve as the students’ voice and represent those who want to solve prevalent issues at PCC.

I have gotten hands-on experiences that will help me tackle issues students are currently facing. For the past two years, I have served as Vice-Chair on a committee called Campus Activities where we organize events and communicate with students regarding their questions about PCC. Not only that, but I have held a position in the Pathways Center as an English tutor, been a Cardinal & Gold facilitator, and worked as a JAM orientation leader where I discuss with students; issues about their classes, resolving questions about the resources and informing/guiding them about the resources PCC has to offer. Being a JAM leader has helped me provide my voice for others, being experienced in utilizing Canvas and LancerPoint, and obtaining more knowledge about our resources/divisions. As a student, I have particularly seen many students and classmates I have discussed with, not being aware of certain activities, departments, or events. Firsthand, I have talked to students who are struggling with their online classes because their professors are not informing them about resources like tutoring that can help them. I want to serve as the students’ representative in order to help students feel like they have a place at PCC and get their money’s worth. For that, I want to help advertise and reach out to departments like the Pathways Center, LancerPantry, Personal Counseling, and many more so they can obtain more awareness for students to acknowledge these different resources. Not just promoting posts on social media, I want to talk to other departments in order to see if they could provide videos and messages to display on PCC’s social media so students can obtain more information, feel that they are not alone in this situation and have resources they can rely on.

After being a student and obtaining a lot of prevalent, ongoing issues from other students, I feel I am the best fit to be a representative for students and for their voice. Thank you for your time.

Vice President for Campus Activities

Alejandro Quintanar

Hello, my name is Alex Quintanar and I am running to be your next Vice President of Campus Activities. I am a second year here at PCC studying Cognitive Science. Going into PCC as a first generation student who commutes a good distance to school, I thought it was going to be very difficult for me to build a strong community in which I would feel...

...supported, however to my surprise the contrary happened. Over the course of the last two years during my time attending PCC I have tried to increase my involvement on campus, from holding officer positions in prominent campus clubs to being one of the student facilitators for the school sponsored leadership building retreat, Cardinal and Gold. 

I believe that my experience and skills that I have gained over the last few years, not only through on campus organizations but also through my vast community service experience has prepared me to take on a larger role. I have greatly improved my organization skills and time management due to the fact that I was responsible for planning and executing events within a team. These are the skills that I believe would be most applicable to the position of VP of Campus Activities. Not only would being elected be an excellent opportunity to develop myself as a leader but also give me the privilege of giving back to the community that was able to help me be confident enough in myself to consider running. Something that I was able to gain during my time at PCC was the ability to network and reach out to many students because of the diverse environment that PCC cultivates. Although I was able to find these groups and experiences at PCC, I know that it might not be true for everyone unilaterally. With that being said, something that I would be interested in tackling, if I were to be elected, would be to focus on outreach to the people on campus who wouldn't necessarily participate in campus events.In order to do so I reach out to the clubs as well as the marginalized communities on campus to get an idea for the type of desired campus activities. I plan to do this by working both with the VP of Community Diversity and the Executive Vice President This will hopefully not only increase attendance to these events but also create an opportunity for people of many backgrounds to come together to have a good time under the unifying fact that at the end of the day we are all students at PCC and continue to foster a campus environment that people would want to actively partake in.

Vice President for External Affairs

Kelly Li

“It’s part personality, but mostly persistence and a lot of emails.” 
Friends, classmates, and comrades through isolation.

My name is Kelly Li! The reason you should vote for me is simple: I get the job done! As VP for External Affairs, my job is to bridge you and your elected government officials. As PCC potentially goes virtual this fall, it is more...

...important than ever that we students have a say in the policies that the administration acts upon. Remote or not, my goal is to take your burdens, concerns, and struggles to Capitol Hill and advocate for ways that will best benefit you, both during and past this COVID-19 pandemic.

As your current Communications Director of External Affairs and an intern for Congresswoman Judy Chu (CA-27), I have the experience and the established relationships in local and federal government to take us one step further in 2020-2021. This past year, I worked to advance the voices of Pasadena City College students by pushing legislation like the Pell Grant Sustainability Act, Degrees not Debt, Higher Education Act, and Food for Thought. I am proud to say that I have called, emailed, and bothered your locally-elected representatives and those from 42 other states on your behalf to keep them accountable.

As your next VP for External Affairs, I won’t just have your word in my fight for a more equitable PCC. The representation fee you pay in the beginning of the year helps fund initiatives proposed by this office, empowering us fiscally to enact real, meaningful change. I’ll make sure that one dollar pays dividends many times over, whether that's through virtual town hall meetings where online food vouchers are exchanged for your opinions or lobbying for events back on campus. No matter what, everything will go back to you.

I will lobby for what YOU want and make YOUR concerns heard. I will personally fight on your behalf for increasing Pell Grant funds, be your advocate for quality mental health resources, and empower your voices in proposing increased transfer access to selective institutions. I will bring your college refund concerns and the plan of a federally-funded campus cafeteria to our government voting floors.

We must hold the government accountable in providing legislative support for PCC students, and I will work tirelessly to ensure that our voices are no longer silenced. So for a more equitable, inclusive, and cared-for campus, vote Kelly Li for our PCC Voice! SHE GETS IT DONE!

Okay any changes? Concerns? Questions?

Chief Justice

Kyle Schmidt

I have had the great privilege of being associate justice of the Supreme Council, this past year. During my tenure on the Supreme Council, I have witnessed some of the challenges that befall the legislative process and the remarkable ability for legislation to connect disparate individuals together towards common goals. However, no legislation...

...is perfect, it requires constant alteration and tailoring to the needs of you, the student

Historically, there has been a disconnect between the legislative process and the needs of the student. Instead of allowing for a student focus, we have instead created barriers, unintentionally, limiting the ability of students to maximize their rights on campus.

Thus, the object of my campaign is to rectify the transparency and access issues under the current administration. I plan to break down the walls of confidentiality, which obscures the process; allowing for further public involvement and understanding of the inner workings of the ASPCC governing documents. By focusing our attention on the student instead of the establishment, we can tailor changes directly to you. By publicizing the rights of the student, true discourse and change can manifest itself in our legislative system. By changing the focus of the Supreme Council from enforcing the rules, to looking out for the students, we can start to unravel the system of top down governance and return to what it was meant to be: student-centric governance. My goal is to bring the rules that connect us back into the capable hands of you, the student. We should all be involved in the process, not just by vote or oversight. The needs that matter are yours and they deserve to be said and heard. This position needs someone who will listen and act on what they have heard. I plan to be that someone. When our voices speak as one we cannot be silenced, only heard.

Student Trustee

David Ramirez

My name is David Ramirez and I’m running for Student Trustee. Having served on the AS Board as Chief Justice, vice-chair of the student lobby committee, and the college delegate to the Student Senate for California Community Colleges, I have experience that I believe is important now more than ever. If elected, I won’t need leadership training, or...

...to learn our district board policies, or even to learn California Ed Code because that has been my life for the past year. On day one, my worry isn’t going to be about learning names, or finding out how Board meetings work, instead I’m going to be worrying about how low-income students of color are disproportionately impacted by this pandemic, and how our largest student population needs us right now.

There have been moments these past weeks that have felt insurmountable. I saw my 20 hr work weeks suddenly turn into 45 hr work weeks, and most days I don’t feel safe anymore. When I get home, instead of going on Zoom, I spend my free time making my own lesson plans because none of my professors have been giving lectures. But I know that I am privileged enough to say I even have a job, or to have a computer to do my assignments, so instead I think about the thousands of PCC students that can’t say the same. That is why I’m running, because leadership is about uplifting and advocating for those who need it the most.

The role of the Student Trustee is to be the student voice at the highest decision making group at PCC, the Board of Trustees. Students deserve someone who is willing to speak up for what matters:

  • Addressing the lack of resources for our homeless population.
  • Confronting the racist rhetoric towards our international students.
  • Pushing for instructors to provide a more holistic and interactive experience during remote learning.
  • Expanding the LancerPantry resources that so many of PCC students rely on.
  • To push for more courses that use free textbooks (OER).
  • And to remind administration, constantly, about who’s not at the table: first generation low income students, students of color, disabled students, veteran students, lgbtq+ students and homeless students. These are the voices that have almost always been absent because student government is the last of their worries.