What is the California Chemistry Diagnostic Test?

The California Chemistry Diagnostic Test (CCDT) is a placement test for students who require Chemistry 1A for their major. For Chemistry 1A and Chemistry 22 course qualification, students must meet the prerequisites for the course that are listed in the college catalog in addition to receiving a satisfactory score on the exam

The California Chemistry Diagnostic Test (CCDT) is administered on Thursdays (Walk-In Basis).  Please see hours to the left. 

Please bring the items below:

  • A Valid Government Issued Photo ID
  • Your LancerPoint ID Number
  • A Number 2 pencil 


You can use a calculator with general functions (addition, subtraction, etc.). Other calculator types are not permitted for use.

The Assessment Services office is closed on weekends and major holidays. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for school closures. 

What’s on the CCDT?

The Chemistry placement exam is paper/pencil, multiple-choice, timed test. You have 45 minutes to complete 44 items. The exam consists of questions relating to:

  • compounds/elements
  • states of matter
  • reactions of matter
  • structure of matter
  • periodic properties
  • solutions
  • chemical dynamics
  • laboratory skills
  • mathematics.

A Periodic Table of the Elements and a Table of Abbreviations and Symbols are provided on the back cover of the Chemistry test booklet. No review material is available.

Your Test Results

The test results for your CCDT will be available through LancerPoint after 9 am two business days after completing the test.