Getting Your Results

After taking the ESL Exam, your results will be emailed to you from the ACCUPLACER Program ( If you can't find your results, please be sure to check your spam folder.

To access your ESL exam results you will need:

  • Last Name
  • LancerPoint ID Number
  • Date of Birth

Results are also available in your LancerPoint Student Account 

  1. Click on My Classes & Academics (Left Side)
  2. Under Registration Tools Click on View Placement Results (Middle of Page)
  3. First-time students are required to schedule an appointment to attend a group counseling session to discuss their placement results and what courses to take (Educational Plan).  Understanding Your Placement Results Info
  • Chemistry and ESL exam results are valid for 3 years.  You can check in LancerPoint to find out when your results will expire.  Plan to enroll in these courses before your results expire so that you will not have to retake the exam.   
  • We are unable to provide results via telephone, fax or to other colleges. 

Retest Policy

If you feel the exam results do not accurately show your skill level in the subject, you may be able to retest. 

  • You may retake the Chemistry and ESL exams 2 weeks after your original test date and may retest each primary term (fall and spring).  
  • You may not retest to challenge or skip a course in a sequence.  The placement exams are designed for initial placement in a course sequence. Once you are enrolled in the course, the professor’s evaluation and grade will determine whether or not you advance to the next level.  If you have questions, please speak with a Counselor in Building L Room 104.