For you to place in the appropriate English level, we recommend that you study before taking the ESL placement test. To help you prepare, we have several different resources available to you including review materials, sample questions and quizzes, and guides offering test strategies and tips. See below for a more detailed description of each resource.

ACCUPLACER Sample Questions for Students

Sample ACCUPLACER ESL Test Questions

Guide to Grammar and Writing (Sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation)

Process of Elimination in Reading and Writing Multiple Choice Questions

Learn how to use the process of elimination method in a reading and writing multiple choice test. These strategies will help you increase your chances at arriving at an educated guess. While the examples are not from the ACCUPLACER ESL placement test, these strategies will still help on the ACCUPLACER.

Review Free Sample Test Questions (provided by the College Board)

These sample questions will let you review your Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills. If English is not your first language or if you have difficulty communicating or reading in English, review Reading Skills, Sentence Meaning, and the Language Use sections.

Free ACCUPLACER Application Download

Online ACCUPLACER Review (Provided by Test Preparation, Inc.)

Momentrix ACCUPLACER Review

Online ACCUPLACER Practice Tests (Provided by Varsity Tutors)

50 Essential Resources for ESL Students (Provided by Open Education Database)