Taking a placement exam is very important because it will assist you and your Counselor in identifying the appropriate level of English, ESL and Math courses they should enroll in at PCC. You should review before taking a placement exam so you can become familiar with the exam content and format and test into the highest course possible.

How to Prepare

Attend a PAWS Workshop

Our college’s Pre-Assessment Workshop and Study Session (PAWS) are available to help with your test prep. During the workshop, you will learn about the look and feel of the ACCUPLACER placement exams and get tips and tools needed for test success! For information on workshop times and dates, please contact the Learning Assistance Center.

Visit PAWS

Review Test Materials

Knowing what to expect on the test can greatly improve your score. Use our FREE online testing materials to learn more about the test format and practice key skills to help you get ready for the test.