Please review the following testing policies before coming to Assessment Services for a testing session.  Please note only the student who is taking the test will be permitted in the testing room (no visitors or children permitted). 

  • You must bring a Valid Photo ID to Assessment Services for testing. The Assessment Office reserves the right to ask for a second form of ID.

    Acceptable Photo ID Forms Include:

    • Driver’s License-State ID
    • Military ID
    • A Passport
    • High School ID issued within the last couple of years
    • A LancerPoint photo ID if you are a Continuing PCC student.

    Unacceptable Photo ID Forms Include:

    • Photo IDs from other colleges and universities
    • Bankcards
    • Library Cards
    • Temporary DMV License and or ID card unless used to supplement expired ID card
    • Photocopies of identification or electronic versions

  • What Exams are Administered?

    • The English as a Second Language and California Chemistry Diagnostic Test (CCDT) are available.  
    • Retest Policy:  The exams may be retaken after 2 weeks and every primary term (fall and spring) if you have not started the ESL or Chemistry course sequence per division policy.  
    • After you earn a grade in an Chemistry or ESL course sequence, you will not be able to retake the exam and must remain in the course sequence per division policy.  If you have further questions or need assistance please speak with a Counselor in Building L Room 104. 

  • Your PCC Chemistry, ESL and Math exam results are valid for 3 years effective July 1, 2017.  If you took the exam before July 1, 2017 you are under the previous college policy of results expiring after 2 years.  Plan to take these courses before your results expire so that you do not have to retake the exam.     

    To find out your exam results expiration date, check in your   LancerPoint Student Account

    Click on My Classes & Academics (Left Side)

    Under Registration Tools Click on View Placement Results (Middle of Page)

  • The results of your exam cannot be received by telephone or fax. 

    The college does not provide exam results to other colleges via email, fax, mail or phone. You can try to provide the exam results you received from PCC on your own and see if the other college will accept them.  Results that are over 3 years old are expired and other colleges will more and likely not accept them and you will be required to retest at their campus.     

  • Dictionaries, calculators, or other study aides are not permitted for use at any time on the ESL and math tests. If you use these items, your exam session will end and your results will become invalid.

  • You must turn off your cell phone and all other electronic devices while testing and keep them out of sight during your test session.

  • You will not be allowed to charge any electronic devices while testing. Our Assessment Office staff will not be able to hold cell phones or other devices for you while testing.

  • Our staff is not allowed to disclose whether a student is testing or still in the testing room. Make arrangements before testing on where to meet once the testing is finished.

  • Please be sure not to block emergency doors after your exam has completed and keep the stairs clear.

  • While you are testing, the PCC Student Code of Conduct should be followed, and any violations could result in disciplinary actions.