Students that Graduated from High School More Than 10 years Ago, English as a Second Language Students and International Students (On F1 Visa).  The English or ESL and Math exam results and multiple measures will be used in conjunction with test results to place students from these populations into these courses. 


Yes, the following steps must be completed before you can take your placement tests

  • Apply for Admission to PCC
 No, the tests are free.
 If you are taking both the English and math exams, it usually takes 2 hours to complete the exams. If you are only taking one exam, it takes 1 hour to complete the exam. There is no time limit for the English, ESL and math exams.
 No, exam results are not provided to other colleges so you should take the exam at the college you plan to attend.
 Yes, special exam formats are available for students with a verified disability. Students must be admitted to the college before testing and other enrollment steps can be completed. We recommend that students with a verified disability apply to the Disabled Student Programs and Services Office (DSP&S) well in advance of their registration date/time. Visit Disabled Student Programs and Services Office (DSP&S) for further information on the application process.
No, only the student is permitted into the testing room.
No, once you have started a course sequence you must remain in that course sequence, and the exam cannot be taken to skip to a higher course per college policy.  If you have further questions or need assistance please speak with a Counselor in Building L Room 104. 
No, if you received a College Ready Status in English and/or math you do not need to take the placement exam for that subject. EAP exam results are valid for one year.

English, ESL and math exam results are emailed to you following the test session. The email will be sent by the ACCUPLACER Program from your email account named In some cases, emails might be routed to your Spam and/or Junk Mail folder. Save a copy of your exam results for your counseling session and registration. Your Last Name, LancerPoint ID# and Date of Birth will be needed to retrieve the results.

Results are also available in your LancerPoint Student Account

  1. Click on Classes & Academics (Top of Page)
  2. Under Registration Tools Click on View Placement Results (Middle of Page)

Yes, the English, ESL and Math exams may be retaken after 2 weeks and every primary term (fall and spring) if you have not started the English, ESL and Math course sequence per division policy.