The mission of Pasadena City College is to provide a high quality, academically robust learning environment that encourages, supports and facilitates student learning and success. The College provides an academically rigorous and comprehensive curriculum for students pursuing educational and career goals as well as learning opportunities designed for individual development. The College is committed to providing access to higher education for members of the diverse communities within the District service area and to offering courses, programs, and other activities to enhance the economic conditions and the quality of life in these communities.


  • Providing courses and programs, in a variety of instructional modalities, which reflect academic excellence and professional integrity;
  • Fostering a dynamic and creative learning environment that is technologically, intellectually and culturally stimulating;
  • Challenging our students to participate fully in the learning process and encouraging them to be responsible for their own academic success;
  • Respecting them as individuals who may require diverse and flexible learning opportunities;
  • Supporting organizational practices that facilitate student progress towards their goals; and
  • Encouraging and supporting continuous learning and professional development in those who serve our students: faculty, staff, managers, and administrators.


As an institution committed to successful student learning in an environment of intellectual freedom, Pasadena City College is guided by the following essential, enduring and shared values:

A Passion for Learning

We recognize that each one of us will always be a member of the community of learners.

A Commitment to Integrity

We recognize that ethical behavior is a personal, institutional and societal responsibility.

An Appreciation for Diversity

We recognize that a diverse community of learners enriches our educational environment.

A Respect for Collegiality

We recognize that it takes the talents, skills and efforts of the entire campus community, as well as the participation of the broader community, to support our students in their pursuit of learning.

A Recognition of Our Heritage of Excellence

We recognize that we draw upon the college’s rich tradition of excellence and innovation in upholding the highest standard of quality for the services we provide to our students and community.