The Rights of Passage in Education (ROPE) program focuses on the values and benefits of transferring from the community college to a four-year university.

ROPE is open to all PCC students, but is specifically geared toward the successful enrollment of the African-American student population.

Why Join ROPE?

Participating in ROPE will give you access to a wealth of literature, college representation and academic advisement to help them to achieve their individual transfer goals

ROPE will provide a holistic approach to assisting students so that they will benefit culturally, academically, and socially.

Benefits of ROPE
  • Personal Academic Advisement
  • Campus Resource Information
  • Application Workshops
  • Student, University, Faculty and Staff mentoring
  • Appointments with University Representatives
  • Cultural Events

Ready to get started?

Call the Transfer Center at (626) 585-7287 to schedule an appointment with the ROP adviser.