We are currently not accepting applications.

How to Apply

If you are a current PCC student, have good writing skills, and like to help others, we welcome you to apply to be part of our team of student tutors and writing specialists.  Be sure to check out the FAQs at the bottom of this page.

Part 1: General Application

All applicants start by submitting the general application form (linked below) or picking up a printed packet in the Writing Center-East (C345).

Then, schedule a time with the Writing Support Center Assistant to come in to write a response to a writing prompt. When you come to write the essay, please bring these with you:

  • A copy of your PCC transcripts (unofficial copies are fine)
  • A copy of a paper that you have written for a previous English class, preferably at PCC.

Part 2: Initial Screening

After you have written the essay and submitted the other documents, we will conduct an initial screening. All applicants will be contacted after the initial screening.  If you are selected to continue, you will be invited to come in for a sample tutoring session and interview.

Tutoring Session And Interview

You will be given a student essay to review and time to review it. Then, we will ask you to share what the writer can do to improve the paper. This will not be a role-playing situation. The review of the  sample paper will be followed by an interview.

Completion Of The Hiring Process

After the sample tutoring session and interview, we will contact applicants, usually within a week, to inform them whether we can offer them a position.

Also, at this point, we ask all newly-hired tutors to take a grammar assessment. Those newly hired tutors who have areas where they need work will be given a course of study to prepare them for tutoring.

We want to start all newly hired writing tutors as soon as they are cleared by the Human Resources Department at PCC, so they can gain hands-on experience.

Still have questions or want to schedule the first few steps?
Please contact the Writing Support Center Assistant,Yasmina Danic, to schedule when you will come in to complete the writing sample. You can e-mail her at yxdanic@pasadena.edu or call her at (626)585-7752.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Writing tutors enjoy the convenience and experience this job provides as they have opportunities to work on the PCC campus. Students can work before, after, and between classes. Our tutors enjoy the opportunity to work with a diverse group of co-workers, students, and faculty.

Absolutely. Writing tutors work closely with faculty inside classrooms, can assist with training new tutors, perform workshops, and even attend and/or develop conference workshops. Many tutors have developed lasting relationships with staff and instructors, creating professional networks that last beyond their work here at PCC.
PCC students who have completed (or are about to complete) English 1A are eligible to apply at the Writing Support Centers. We also ask for a commitment to work at least two consecutive 16-week semesters.
Writing tutors work with students in one-to-one sessions, assist faculty inside classrooms, and may facilitate workshops. We try to match our staff with their interests and provide opportunities to give them a diverse work experience. Primarily, writing tutors talk with students about their ideas, organization, and writing skills. We’re not editors; our primary goal is to help other students develop as writers. We pride ourselves on being friendly, helpful, and approachable.
Of course! Some of our best writing tutors are from other majors. Our writing tutors are trained to work with all student writers, regardless of what course they’re seeking assistance with.
Absolutely. Some of our writing tutors speak other languages or have learned English later in life. In fact, we pride ourselves on our diverse staff and their ability to assist our students.
  • Most of our writing tutors work between 5 to 15 hours per week depending on how many hours they want to work and how well their schedules match our needs.
  • Very few employees work more than 15 hours per week. The writing tutor position is designed to be a part-time job.
  • We try very hard to give employees continuous blocks of time to work so they don’t have many one or two-hour shifts.
  • We also try to avoid scheduling a worker late one day and early the next day.
Our starting rate is $11.00 for students.
Not at all. We expect you to be comfortable working with student writers, but we don’t expect you to know everything. Even our most experienced writing tutors still ask each other for help. We provide training to help you learn your role and keep resources on hand to assist you in sessions. The important thing is that you’re willing to help a student find an answer, even if you’re not sure of it yourself.
All tutors must attend training—both pre-semester and on select Thursdays (or Fridays) throughout the semester. All training work is paid.