Writing Support Center- East (Tutors)


Hi, my name is Justin, and I am majoring in English here at PCC with the goal of pursuing a career in education or creative writing. My first semester here was in the fall of 2016, and at that time I was a computer science major, but I changed my major when I realized that I am more passionate about writing and working with people to both help them express their thoughts in writing and to learn with and from them. I enjoy listening to jazz music, writing poems and stories, and building connections with people.


I love to hike, play the piano, listen to gospel songs, and write code (computer programs). I also love sharing what I have, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge with my fellow PCC students as a tutor. I plan to transfer to a four-year university and ultimately pursue a PhD.


My name is Chris, and in addition to being a writing consultant in the Writing Center, I am a sophomore sociology major here at Pasadena City College. I have been helping fellow students in our center for about a year now in a number of areas including, but not limited to, thesis development, argument structure, development of personal voice, MLA format, and grammar mechanics. Coming from a childhood where writing even the simplest of assignments was very difficult for me, I sympathize with anyone struggling like I once have. Like many things in life, good writing is a skill. With the right resources and strategies, anyone become a confident and effective writer!


After many years working in the tech world, I recently returned to school to pursue a career as a librarian. I have completed the Library Technology Certificate program here at PCC and am currently working on my AA, after which I will be transferring to Cal State Northridge for a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. From there I will be continuing for a Master’s in Library and Information Science.             

I have always had a passion for books and the written word, and as a tutor here at the Writing Center, I love being able to help students gain confidence in their own writing abilities. I believe that writing, in all forms, is an essential tool across every discipline, and I am extremely proud to have spent the past semester working with STEM majors to help them write within their subject field.

In my free time I enjoy science fiction, reading, hiking, and spending time with my 11-year-old pug, Layla.


I moved to Pasadena from Massachusetts four years ago and have enjoyed every moment spent here in California. The time I’ve valued most has been the time spent on campus in class and participating in club activities. I am a member of Alpha Gamma Sigma, as well as the Salle Lancier Fencing Club, both of which have allowed me to network with more amazing people with every (quickly) passing semester. I hope to become a registered nurse, and while working on my education, I hope to help as many people as I possibly can, one tutoring session at a time.


I’m a first-generation college student majoring in business administration. I plan to transfer to a four-year university and continue my tutoring journey once there. My hobbies include film photography, dance, and crying to the newest season of This Is Us. I’m interested in learning about history, society, and pop culture. I have always had an interest in music and music history. I’m also a foodie open to any food-related recommendations! Hablo español!


As someone who enjoys writing and reading, I have started majoring in English with the end goal of a Masters in Library Science. I enjoy reading and learning almost as much as I like writing and teaching, so I have chosen to get into tutoring to help others and improve my skills. Second to reading, I spend my time gaming and watching many comedies. As a Navy Veteran, I am well versed in communicating with a variety of people and am comfortable with more than civilians.


My name is Xavier. I am new to the Writing Center and fairly new to PCC. I am working in the Writing Center because I like grammar and helping others with grammar. In my free time, I like to study, read, and sleep. My goal is to graduate from a UC with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and pursue an MSc in Political Economy or Econometrics. 


Currently I am working toward completing a Library Technology certificate which I expect to finish Spring 2019. While I’ve already attained a Bachelor’s degree in English, I decided to pursue this certificate because I have always been fascinated with libraries and all the behind the scenes work that goes on. I've come to realize that a lot of what I’ve learned and what I'm good at correlates with things that librarians do and after working as a tutor for 2 years, I have become a huge proponent of being tech and information literate. The intersection between library work and writing tutor work is research and given that research assignments are prevalent in all academic course work, students will need a helping hand for years to come.  But in the larger scheme of things, I want to have the access and skills to be able to continue to pursue knowledge of any kind and keep learning both for my sake and for the sake of the community that I will serve. Some of my hobbies include reading, attempting to write, going out with my family, researching, marathoning any TV series that catches my interest, equestrianism, and scamming various streaming services into giving me free one-month trials. Such is the life of a frugal college student.


My name is Kaelyn, and I’m a Psychology major. My end goal is to graduate with a PhD to become a Child and Adolescent Psychologist. I’ve always had a passion for writing and helping others, so being able to be a tutor here at the Writing Center is an amazing opportunity. Some of my hobbies include binge watching TV shows, discovering new music and hanging out with friends and family. A fun fact about me: I love singing commercial jingles.


Born and raised in Mexico City I moved to the US 6 years ago in hopes of pursuing my American dream. Currently I am a third year Biology student at PCC where I've partaken on many leadership roles. Currently, I am the president of Club Espanol and the Vice President of external affairs for Omicron Mu Delta honors society and I have also participated in various committees for the associated students. Besides being a tutor I am also a STEAMBASSADOR which means I get to promote STEM by hosting various events and workshops throughout the year. I plan on transferring to a UC fall 2019, UCLA being my top choice, where I will get my BS in Biology and then apply for med school. After I am done with all my studies I plan on traveling the world to help those in need of medical attention at no cost. Helping others is what makes me happy and being a writing center tutor allows me to do this. Some of my hobbies include reading books, hiking, doing science research and spending time with my loved ones. 


Hi, my name is Michelle. I have been studying here at PCC for 3 years and am pursuing a career as a psychotherapist. My major is Psychology, and I aspire to focus on applying scientific research to our internal and emotional lives which simultaneously helps to improve the lives of all living things around us. I love helping others find the words to express what they are really thinking and feeling- though it may feel like you are describing the ineffable. Writing skills have the power to change people's lives- many people's voices are silenced, and I signed up to be a tutor so I can help others find their voice and use it. I have struggled a lot with writing papers, but it is good to remember that when you struggle to contemplate how to do something- in that instance, you are rewiring the way your brain works, and your skills begin to develop day after day. I speak Arabic and come from a Lebanese family for those of you who need help with Arabic to English writing support. 


This is my second year attending PCC and I am glad to have met amazing instructors and individuals who are very passionate about what they do. I am currently majoring in Psychology, although I am overall undecided in what field I would like to concentrate on. My hobbies include drawing/ doodling, gaming, reading, discovering new places, and scavenging thrift stores for their DVDs and CDs. I am interested in most subjects and I would like to take this opportunity of being a tutor as a learning experience to help build my skills as well as the skills of others. 

Jungmin Lee

I'm a Communications major who likes to take as many English classes as possible. My career interests’ lie somewhere in between creative writing, journalism, and mental health advocacy. Ever since my childhood bookworm days, I have loved to write — from diary entries and angst teen poems to short stories and critical essays. As a new tutor at the Writing Center, I am eager to spread my passion to empower other writers at whatever stage they're in. Both inside and outside the classroom, I enjoy engaging in experiences grounded in social justice. Most recently, this has led me to volunteer at the Center for the Pacific Asian Family, a non-profit that addresses domestic violence and sexual assault within API communities. Aside from my work there, I’m also really into yoga, intersectional feminism, movies, and astrology.


My name is Mandie Montes and I am a third-year student at PCC. I am majoring in Journalism and Film while also minoring in History. I am also the editor-in-chief of PCC’s independent student publication, The Courier. It sounds like a lot to handle and you’re right! I like to keep myself busy either writing, filming, or helping others in these areas. For me, helping others improve their writing is a worthwhile experience. If I’m not in the writing center, I’m probably at home taking care of my two cats watching French musicals or Lord of the Rings.


Many subjects from all sorts of fields interest me, but I decided to focus on Astrophysics in terms of academics. I plan to transfer to a UC once I'm done with everything I need to do here. As my ultimate career goal is to become a professor, I decided to become a tutor to gain some much needed experience! In my free time, I find myself drawing or playing video games


Hello everyone, my name is Juan. I work here at the writing center because I really enjoy writing and helping people. I'm the kind of guy that looks like I enjoy eating M&M chocolate cookies, but I am actually really picky about the food I eat. I am now starting on my second year at PCC and am enjoying my time here. I’m majoring in Economics and plan to transfer to get that done. I enjoy playing sports but would say I actually like watching more.


My name is Karen and although it's my third year here at PCC, I'm fairly new to the Writing Center. I have a love/hate relationship with boba, cats, and English. Even though I am an English major and tutor, English has always been my most frustrating subject. I'm constantly learning how to improve my writing and I'm excited to share some of that in my tutoring sessions. In my free time I hang out at boba shops, pet dogs and cats, read sci-fi, dance salsa and binge Netflix. 


Salena is a nineteen year old student at Pasadena City College (PCC) passionate in the art of creative writing and educating. Starting since fall of 2018, she has been working at the Writing Success Center as an English tutor. Prior to that, she volunteered at an after school program teaching at the elementary school level.  Additionally, she worked as an orientation leader for Pathways in the summer of 2018. She dedicated four weeks with three sets of ten to twenty students for a span of four days in order to make sure the new students coming into PCC are prepared for it. This experience has taught her valuable skills that prepared her for her future career in education. Salena's goal is to transfer out of PCC for Fall if 2019 and get into a four year University in the field of English and Education. 


I began attending PCC Spring 2017 during my last semester of high school. I hope to transfer to Northwestern University in 2020 to obtain a BA in English or Creative Writing and pursue a career in the publishing business as a copy editor for novels. I’ve written a lot of my own work, from poems to novels. Besides writing, I love singing, and I’ve actually taken a few music classes here at PCC. I also like drawing, watching baking shows, and running.


"But this I know; the writer who possesses the creative gift owns something that at times strangely wills and works for itself." -Charlotte Brontë.  There are two things I equally enjoy doing: reading and writing, and helping others become the best versions of themselves.  I plan on transferring with an Associates in Arts degree, and later pursuing an education with a focus on creative writing, poetry and composition. When it comes to music and arts, I love to create. So far, I have written approximately 300 pieces of poetry and songs, one of which was published in an anthology for young writers called Stars in Our Hearts, published by the World Poetry Movement. It is my sincere hope that I may assist writers in developing their own voice, style and confidence, and to encourage different points of view with a candid, humble, and open mind. 


Writing Support Center-East Staff


Hi! I am Amber and I’m attending PCC for the first year on the main campus. Back in 2012 I graduated from trade school with a Medical Insurance Billing diploma. After my first year in the field I realized that I wanted to be a part of much more than just the financial aspect of the medical field. I want to work with the clients without being the reason that they’re stressed.  All things considered being able to contribute to their wellness would be satisfying for me.

When I am away from school I enjoy fishing, camping and most importantly spending time with family.  Also engaging in random conversations with elderly is amusing to me because I enjoy listening to stories about what happened “back in the days”. Furthermore, I tend to like animals that are out of the ordinary. My last pet was a green iguana named Brody. In the long run I’m looking into getting an Australian green tree frog but first we’ll see how fostering my son’s class pet goes over thanksgiving break. Wish me luck!

Ming Xin

Hi my name is Mingxin. I am major in engineering and want to get deeper into the aerospace area. This is my second year at PCC and I am planning to transfer to a four-year university. I love to communicate with people and willing to help. Writing center is the first department I worked at PCC and I love the atmosphere here. 



Hi, I’m Tatevik. I moved to the US 5 years ago and started to attend PCC 2 years ago. I’m majoring in nursing. I chose to major in nursing because of my passion for helping people and taking care of them. My strengths are: hard worker, self-motivated and dedicated towards my work and tasks given to me. And also I'm a good learner. I believe in myself and my capabilities. I am sure that my hardworking character will give good results, hopefully in few years I can graduate and become a good nurse in one of the clinics in the country. I will try to do my best and work professionally and I will be always proud that I received my education in Pasadena City College.


My name is Cristina Ibarra, I began the Paralegal certificate program at PCC in March of 2016. My background in law motivated me to further my education. Upon completing the first year of the program, it became apparent that I could go further than just my certificate. After hard work, I have not only expanded my law knowledge, I was able to achieve accomplishments such as Dean’s honors in spring 2018. In the fall of 2019, I will be starting Law school to earn my Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree. My goal is help the many disadvantaged in law, and create a supportive legal system that better protects our citizens. My goal, is to do my part.


I am a full-time student and a full-time mom, working part-time at the Writing Center. My goal is to bring a positive experience for students who come to the writing center for assistance, and to support tutors to do their job. Assisting in the writing center has helped me succeed here at PCC. I am a Humanities major and wanting to transfer to California State University, San Marcos. I enjoy working out, doing spin classes, pop physique, and jogging on the beach.


I’m Emely. I was born and raised here in the city of roses, aka Pasadena CA.  I am currently working towards achieving a teaching degree here at PCC. I really enjoy reading books, looking at art or creating it, and gardening but more specifically poetry, plants, and painting (in that order). My future plans are to travel to places like France, Greece, or Italy in hopes of creating new adventures for myself. I’m interested in learning and growing more along the way through my time here at PCC.


Luisa Rubinstein is presently taking a course in Journalism at PCC. If everything goes well, she will graduate next fall. Besides working at the English Writing Center, she also does Voice Over work in Italian from time to time. In the past, she mostly worked as an Italian teacher in various Elementary schools around Los Angeles, CA, and as a tour guide in and out of state. Before that, she taught Italian to college students at CCSN in Las Vegas, NV, where she lived for about four years. She also performed in the role of 'Pepper' (lead) in the family dinner show, 'Ba Da Bing!' first at The Orleans, and then at the Desert Passage, and she performed in the role of ‘Sylvia' (lead) with the group, Theatre in the Valley. She has a bachelor's degree in foreign languages (English major, French minor) which after evaluation equals to a Master's degree in foreign languages.

Writing Support Center-West Staff (Tutors)


"Hello, my name is Justin. I am a business administration major here at PCC, currently on my second year. My plan is to transfer to a four year university for the Fall 2019 semester. I became a tutor at the Writing Center because I enjoy helping others and hearing about everyone's experiences. I'm also really involved on PCC's campus outside of tutoring. You can find me during meetings for AGS (our school's honors society), as a member of a committee for our student government (Associated Students), and much more. As for my career, I'm hoping to secure a business internship or possibly an entry level position for the summer before I transfer. Outside of my academics and career, I enjoy running/hiking, gaming, simply hanging out with others, and wondering why I still haven't tried Korean BBQ. I look forward to meeting all of you!"


WSC Full-Time Staff 

Rob Lee

Writing Support Center Coordinator

UCLA, BA in English Literature
USC, MA in Applied Linguistics

An Altadena native, I graduated from John Muir High School a long time ago (Go Mustangs!). Soon after I graduated from UCLA (Go Bruins), I traveled to China to teach English at the Sichuan College of Education (a teacher's college) for a year.  After that, led astray by the promise of a tuition waiver and salary, I became a TA at USC (Go Trojans) and earned an MA in Applied Linguistics, a degree which no longer exists at that school and which almost no one understands.

After teaching ESL at South Pasadena High School, where I was the entire ESL department, I came to PCC as an ESL instructor in 1992. I took over leadership of the Writing Center in 2006. I have been an active member of the Southern California Writing Centers Association since 2007 (past vice-president and president) and am currently serving as the two-year college representative.

Mary Presley

Writing Center - Learning Asst. Assistant III

I am originally from the south, but moved to California many years ago. I have been working at the Writing Center for more than 17 years, but have been full-time and helping to run the Writing Center for about 10 years. I started at PCC as a student and student worker at the Writing Center and worked my way up to my current position. My hobbies include going to the beach, watching movies, and listening to music.

Arkova Scott

Writing Center – Center Technician

I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Pasadena. I attended all of the local schools for elementary and high school and was even a Pasadena City College alumni! After completing my AA degree, I transferred to Cal Poly Pomona as a Computer Information Systems major and eventually completed my Master’s degree at Cal State Los Angeles as an Instructional Designer. I’ve worked at Pasadena City College for over 17 years in a variety of positions, including teaching part-time for the Business Information Technology Division. I currently hold the Center Technician position in the Writing Center where I work very closely each day with our wonderful and dynamic tutors, faculty and staff! 

I love to travel, go to concerts in the park, and hang out with my close friends and family. I love to read technology books and take long walks on the beach!