Get support in your science classes! From tutoring to course textbooks and sample exams, the Natural Sciences Study Tech Lab is open to all PCC students currently enrolled in a science course.

We believe the best way to learn science is to examine those difficult-to-grasp ideas using as many tools as possible. To do so, we provide a link between faculty and students, giving you access to obtain materials not accessible in a lecture setting. These resources include interactive computer programs, lecture notes, sample exams, videos and much more.

Our Services and Resources


We have peer tutors and SI (supplemental Instructors) available for help in your science courses. Visit the center to see a current tutoring schedule.

sample exams

Some instructors place sample exams here for you to use. Visit the center to exam availability.


The Center offers wireless internet and access to tablet technology for science student support. We also have computers available on a first-come, first-served basis.

microscopes & slides

Use one of our eight microscopes! We have slides for anatomy and physiology classes. Sometimes instructors place other slides in here for additional help for their students.

course materials & Books

  • Bacterial flowcharts for microbiology students to use for identifying your unknown bacteria
  • Lab Book answer keys usually for anatomy, physiology, and microbiology students.
  • Many resource books are available for student use. There are books in various subjects including: Anatomy and Physiology, Histology, Introductory and Intermediate Biology, Microbiology and others. Other books are placed here by instructors for student use.