The Learning Assistance Center hires current PCC students as tutors. The courses we provide tutoring for are Accounting, ASL, Arabic, Business 12A/B, Business 14A/B, Chinese, Economics, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Math, Russian, Spanish, Statistics 15, Statistics 18, and Statistics 50.

For the tutors we select full-time students (at least 6 units) who can satisfy the following required criteria:

  • Have a minimum grade of B in the course(s) in which they will tutor;
  • Demonstrate competence in the subject by a screening exam (if applicable);
  • Speak fluent English;
  • Demonstrate ability to clearly explain content material;
  • Have a warm and friendly manner;
  • Available to work at least two semesters; and
  • Possess a valid social security card or permission from the International Students Office.

How to Apply

The application process includes the following steps:

  1. Email the LAC for an application at
  2. Send the completed application to
  3. If qualified, the LAC Staff will contact you to make an appointment for an interview session with the LAC Staff.
  4. If hired, LAC staff will contact you with further information on being authorized to begin work.

After you complete the above steps, the LAC will notify you of approval by HR to start working. You will not be able to begin working until you have been authorized by HR.

If you'd like more information about how to apply to become an LAC tutor, please visit the Learning Assistance Center in D-300 or contact us via email at