The LAC is equipped with special equipment to help accommodate all of our students. For a complete list of offered equipment, please see below:

Computer Station with large monitor and Kurzweil software

This computer station uses Kurzweil software, which may be used for print enlargement of any textbook. This software can only be used by students who are trained and certified in its operation. The scanner attached to the assistive station may only be used by students bearing this certification. We have another scanner in an adjoining station that can be used by all students.

Phonic Ears

These devices enhance sound, helping hearing impaired students better track with the instructor’s lecture. These are available for same-day checkout and return. To use these devices, you will need a current contract with DSP&S (Disabled Students Program and Services).

Other Specialized Equipment

More specialized equipment is available in the Assistive Technology Center (ATC) through DSP&S, located on the second floor of the D building.