On a regular basis, we select a student assistant to honor for his or her outstanding service. We call this the "Above and Beyond" award because it was created to recognize student employees who exceed job requirements to offer excellent service to our diverse student population.

Spring 2017 Award Recipients

Outstanding Student Employee Award

Learning Assistance Center

Rochelle Hizon

 Rochelle Hizon has worked for the LAC since August of 2016, and during this time she has distinguished herself as an excellent student employee. Her friendly presence makes everyone feel welcome, and she is attentive and proactive in reaching out to help students. We can always rely on Ms. Hizon because she is responsible in keeping her shift and comes on time. She is a knowledgeable employee and a good team player who gets along very well with all her coworkers.

In the future, Ms. Hizon wants to enter medical school. Her goal is to get into either UCLA School of Medicine or Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and become a Cardiothoracic Surgeon.

In her free time, Rochelle enjoys hanging out with her friends and going on spontaneous adventures with them. She also likes having some alone time, immersing herself in a good book, drawing, or just listening to music.

The LAC is proud to honor Rochelle Hizon for her valued service to the Learning Assistance Center and the students of Pasadena City College. Congratulations, Rochelle!

Outstanding Student Employee Award

ESL Center

Anita Osib

Anita Osib has been working as a student worker for the ESL Center since Fall 2016 and has provided extraordinary service to various groups of ESL students, tutors, and coworkers.

Anita was recommended by the ESL Center Committee for the Student Employee of the Year award due to her patient nature when talking with the ESL students. “She is very independent, reliable, and responsible” says Freya. Nancy comments on her friendliness: “Every time I see Anita, she is always smiling, and I have to wonder how anyone can smile all day!”

Ms. Osib is majoring in English at PCC. She emigrated from Iran and was drawn to Pasadena City College because of the culture and opportunity to learn. In addition to English, she can speak Assyrian, Russian, Armenian, Farsi, and Danish, and Dari. Anita loves to work with a diversity of people and languages, and she hopes to transfer to UCLA and pursue a career involving foreign languages, possibly in publishing. Ms. Osib sees herself as a role model of gender equity lived out for women of her culture and similar backgrounds and hopes to inspire and open a path for other women.

In her free time, she enjoys yoga, reading, taking walks and other outdoor activities, creative activities, learning new languages such as Spanish and practicing the ones she knows.

We are pleased to announce Anita Osib as the ESL Center’s Student Employee of the Year 2017. It is our honor to have Anita as a member of our staff in the ESL Center. Congratulations, Anita!


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