We offer a variety of free workshops at the ESL Center to provide you with additional help in speaking, writing, and reading in English. These workshops are open to students who are currently enrolled in any ESL classes. You may attend as many workshops as you’d like throughout the semester.

Our workshops are on a first-come, first-served basis, so please arrive early to make sure you get a spot. Workshops are limited to 46 students.

Summer 2018 Workshop Schedule

All workshops meet on Tuesdays1:45-2:45 pm in D-306.

  • JUN
    Simple and Compound Sentences

    Four types of simple sentences and compound sentences

    For ESL Levels 1-3

  • JUL
    Whatcha Doin?

    Stative, nonaction verbs vs. Dynamic,  action verbs

    For ESL Levels 2-3

  • JUL
    What's in the Future?

    Simple future, future continuous, including simple present time clauses

     For ESL Levels 2-3

  • JUL
    The Present Perfect

    Present perfect and present perfect continuous tenses

    For ESL Levels 2-3

  • JUL
    Chillin' with the PASSIVE

    When and how to use the passive voice (in various tenses, including questions and statements)

    For ESL Levels 3-5

*All levels may attend any workshop, as may tutors and former ESL students who are currently enrolled at PCC, whether taking English courses or not.