The ESL Center is full of many materials and resources to help you in your English classes. You may visit the ESL Center anytime during our open hours to use our materials! Or, visit our Canvas Page to see full lists of all our available resource.  


We have many textbooks as well as the accompanying answer books and audio CDs available for you to use while in the center. You may not take them outside of the ESL Center or write in them because other students need to use them as well. 

Fiction and Nonfiction Books

We have a selection of fiction and non-fiction books in the ESL Center. Fiction can be checked out and taken home for a period of two weeks and renewed for another two weeks (four weeks total with renewal). You will be charged $0.10/day if you do not renew the book and turn it in late. If you lose the book, you will be charged for the cost of the book plus an additional restocking fee. If the fine is not paid, a hold will be placed on your registration. 

Laptops and accessories

Laptops are available to use in the ESL Center. However, we do not have a printer, so you will need to bring a flash drive or email your work to yourself to print at another computer lab on campus.

If you need to listen to audio on the computers, you may check out headsets with a microphone. You may also check out a mouse if you prefer to use one on the laptops. We recommed the use of Google Chrome for faster browsing.


We have a selection of DVDs available for you to watch in the ESL Center. Movies may not be checked out of the center. To use a DVD, bring the empty DVD case to the front desk with your student ID. You can borrow the DVD for 3 hours. When you are finished, return the DVD in the protective sleeve. 


Newer and current magazines must remain in the ESL Center, but we will give away periodical magazines after some time. Look for these magazines on the giveaway or freebie shelf. 


Board games are a fun way to improve your English. If you think you will be too loud while playing the game in the main room, please make an appointment to use D-306B conference room. Please be respectful with the games materials. Write in your own notebooks or scrap paper. 

To learn how to play each game, you can read the game's instructions, ask a tutor to help you or contact the ESL Center ( to schedule a workshop of at least 8 students to learn how to play the games.