The purpose of the ESL Center is to provide course-related English language assistance in an interactive study environment which supports the general education outcome of communication for all non-native English speakers at Pasadena City College. The Center facilitates independent student learning with the aim of improving student retention and success, while also serving as a hub for faculty, students, and staff to engage in a vibrant community of practice for excellent teaching and learning for students of other languages.

Student Learning Outcomes

Non-native English speaking PCC students will:

  • demonstrate a higher level of English communication in their courses (both ESL and non-ESL) as a result of the instructional support received in the ESL Center, as evidenced by one or more of the following:
    • successful completion of classroom assignments
    • improved English speaking (formal & informal) & pronunciation
    • increase in textbook reading & understanding
    • improved paragraph and essay writing
    • improved note-taking/listening in English
    • increased classroom participation
  • identify their learning needs through consultation and self-assessment leading to active learning behaviors as a result of tutoring, workshops, study groups and participation in the ESL Center.
  • experience a welcoming and supportive environment that promotes self-confidence and motivation in succeeding as a PCC student