First time taking courses at a college or university? Use this checklist as a guide for the steps you need to take to enroll at PCC as a student-athlete.

New Student-Athlete Checklist

Follow these steps to begin your academic and athletic journey at PCC

  1. Apply for Financial Aid

    Tuition is currently $46 per unit (CA residents) and $239 (non-CA residents), not including additional general fees. Make sure that you have finances in order in case you do not receive your anticipated financial aid disbursement.

    Apply for Financial Aid Here

  2. Apply to PCC

    Apply Now

  3. Set Up Your LancerPoint

    After you apply you will receive an email with your LancerPoint ID number and link to set up your LancerPoint account. Set up your LancerPoint immediately to be able to continue with the rest of the steps.

    Activate LancerPoint

  4. Meet with PCC Head Coach

    Talk to your coach to determine practice, game and other team commitments. This will help you during your educational planning and registration for classes.

    Find Your Head Coach

  5. Complete Your PCC Online Orientation

    In addition to the Team Orientation you will attend prior to the fall semester, you need to complete the PCC online orientation, which will help you have everything completed to officially become a PCC student.

    Complete Your Orientation Here

  6. Take the math and English placement tests

    Placement tests will help you determine which math, English or ESL courses you should enroll in. Placement tests are available by appointment only.

    Sign Up for Your Placement Tests

  7. Apply to Athletic Pathways (recent HS grads only)

    Pathways is a program for recent High School graduates that helps you transition from high school to college smoothly and succeed academically.

    Apply to Pathways Here

  8. Meet with an Athletic Counselor in the Zone

    During your meeting with a counselor, you will complete an Educational Plan and discuss athletic eligibility. If you have attended another college, be sure to bring your official transcripts to this meeting.

    Counselor Meetings are available by appointment only. Come to the Zone to sign up!

  9. Register for your Classes

    After you have completed steps 1 -8, you are ready to sign up for classes. Login to LancerPoint to review your registration date and time.

  10. Pay Your Fees

    Make sure you pay all your fees on time to avoid holds and being dropped from your classes. Login to LancerPoint to review and pay your fees.

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