The Ujima Program is a learning pathway designed to enhance the experience of African American students through counseling, instruction, mentoring, and community building. The Ujima Program’s primary focus is to equip our students with resources to aid in successful academic, social, and personal growth and development, and study skill enhancement courses. Upon successful completion students will advance in their sequential courses and continue in a general education pattern towards transfer and degree completion. Ujima students work together as a community by participating in college tours, partnership in the arts, tutoring (midterm/finals) and community activities.

Why does Pasadena City College offer the Ujima Program?

Pasadena City College (PCC) is a fully accredited community college with over 33,000 students. PCC offers a prestigious, high-quality education with a wide range of general education, transfer, certificate and associate degree programs, among them is Ujima, dedicated to the success of African-American students in higher education.

The data on student success, retention and transfer rates indicate that those African American students, who satisfactorily complete their first year of college and their transferable English and Mathematics courses, are more likely to stay in college, transfer and graduate. If you should choose to accept this mission, PCC and the Ujima Program desire to partner with you by helping you become a learner, a student and a leader who understands the importance of resilience, unity, dedication and commitment in the academic process.

Sample Ujima Program Class Sequence

The Pasadena City College Ujima Program is dedicated to helping students transition successfully from the college to the university. A key predictor of success for Ujima students is the completion of the entire Ujima Program sequence which is designed enhance and accelerate the personal, social and academic growth and development of the African-American student.


  • Jam (2 week Math Training)
  • Counseling 10
  • GE or one course from your major


  • College 1
  • English 100/ English 110 (Nsaa) or English 400/ English 415 (Ajani)
  • Math 450/402/125/131
  • Engl 1A (Alumni-Sankofa)


  • Counseling 11
  • GE or one course from your major


  • Counseling 17
  • English 1A (Nsaa) or English 100 (Ajani)
  • History 29B (Nsaa) or Speech 1 (Ajani)
  • Math 402/ 125/ 131/ Transferable Math

Engl 400 Level Cohort = Ajani (He who wins the struggle),
Engl 100 Level Cohort = Nsaa (Excellence and Authority),
Engl 1A Level Alumni Cohort = Sankofa (Learns from the Past). Sankofa is a cohort of students in their 3rd semester of Ujima English only.