PCC Pathways: It's Not Too Late!

Although the deadline to join PCC Pathways this fall has passed, you can still take part in this great program next spring.

You can qualify to join our fall group if you...

  1. Graduated from high school or equiavalent after 2014
  2. Placed into or qualify for Math 131 and English 1A 
  3. Have completed fewer than 12 units of college credit
  4. Take a minimum of 9 units this fall semester: Math, English and Counseling 10
  5. Agree to follow the PCC Pathways requirements in spring

The Benefits of Applying to Pathways+
  • You get the courses you need to start right at PCC

    Math 131, English 1A, Counseling 10

  • You will have access to the traditional Pathways resources and services
    Earlier registration date, dedicated counselor and tutors, access to private resources centers/Labs and continued support after your first year.