Whether you want to earn a degree or certificate, prepare to transfer, or embark on a career, our counseling services will help you get there. Below is information to help you enroll at PCC and get on the right academic path during your first year here. 

Enroll at PCC

The first step is to Apply to PCC. After you apply, you must complete the three Achievements — Online Orientation, check your English and math placements in LancerPoint, and new student counseling. 

Completing the three Achievements will give you a priority registration date each semester at PCC.

Get Started at PCC

New Student Group Counseling

We are currently converting our New Student Counseling session to an online format. Please check back for more information on how to meet with a counselor to prepare for your first year at PCC! 

In the meantime, please complete your online orientation and check your English and Math placements in LancerPoint. If you do not see your placements, you may request placement using your high school transcript through our online prerequisite clearance form

During the session, you will meet with a counselor to learn about selecting the right courses to achieve your goal, start your educational plan, and learn the next steps to prepare for taking college courses!

During the session you will also:

  • Learn how to select courses that will meet your academic and career goals
  • Learn to navigate web-based resources designed to help you develop your educational plan
  • Learn about financial aid and the importance of student academic progress
  • Learn about the resources available on campus to help you succeed

Attending another college/university or taking 1-2 classes at PCC for personal interest or professional development?  If you know which class(es) you plan to take, complete your "Ed Plan Achievement" step using our online counseling form.  You do not need to attend new student group.  IMPORTANT: Please indicate: 

  1. Term you plan to take your course(s)
  2. Course(s) you plan to take
  3. Academic goal (i.e. personal interest or taking class to meet your current college/university's degree requirement)

 English and Math Placement

Your English and Math placement determines which math and english class you are eligible  for. If you are an ESL Student or International Student, you need to complete the ESL assessment exam and for Math, you may request an online challenge. For all other students, your placement is determined by your high school courses and grades. All you need to do is check and understand your placement!

Check Your Placement

  • Login to LancerPoint to check your placement (LancerPoint --> My Classes & Academics --> View Placement Results)
  • If you do not see your placements in LancerPoint, you may use your high school transcript to request for placement through our online prerequisite clearance form.

Understand Your Placement

After you have checked your placements in LancerPoint, you'll be eligible to register for specific courses after your registration date. Before registering for classes, review our guidelines about what your placement means and which courses your are eligible for. 

Understand your Placement

Registering for Classes

During your New Student Counseling Session we will help you develop a Student Education Plan. You will use this education plan to guide you on which classes to register for during your first year at PCC. Registration is completed by logging in to your LancerPoint account.

Choose & Declare a Major

You do not need to declare a major during your first semester at PCC. However, you will need to declare a major before you complete 30 units.

The first step? Explore your options! PCC offers over 200 majors that lead to a variety of careers and academic goals. 

Learn More About Programs at PCC

Once you are ready to declare and/or change a major, visit the Career Center.

Helpful Links for Choosing & Declaring a Major

Get Additional Support

We have many specialized programs and support centers to help you throughout your academic journey at PCC. As you start at PCC, consider taking advantage of the various academic opportunities we have to offer.

Explore Academic Support and Programs