Spend the winter term studying psychology in South Africa!

Cape Town, home of Pasadena City College's Winter 2020 Study Abroad program, is the oldest city in South Africa. Rated as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town has it all - stunning mountains, beautiful beaches, and a vibrant multicultural art scene. Immerse yourself in the diverse culture of this cosmopolitan African city as you explore its rich and often turbulent history, and witness its resiliency, first-hand.

Visit Robben Island and the prison where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years of his life. Explore Johannesburg. Volunteer with a community organization and tour Langa Township with a community guide. Meet the endangered penguins of Boulders Beach and climb Table Mountain by cable car. Experience South Africa's unique culture with PCC Study Abroad! 

Program Dates

 Jan. 6 - Feb. 15, 2020

  • January 6-10: program starts at PCC
  • January 13-14: en route to South Africa
  • January 15 - February 15: program continues in South Africa

Program Fee

  • $3,710 with airfare

Price based on 20 students. Excludes airline taxes & PCC tuition.

Info Session

Meet the faculty & learn more about the program at an Information Session!

Noon in C-253:
  • August 29
  • September 10 & 26
  • October 8 & 24
  • November 7
Can't make an information session on campus? No problem! Join us online for a live meeting. Copy & paste the information session link into your browser and follow the prompt to log-in to the meeting.

Program Dates

  • January 6 – 10: Program starts at PCC
  • January 13 - 14: En route to South Africa
  • January 15: Arrive in Johannesburg
  • January 15 - 19: Program continues in Johannesburg
  • January 20: Group flight to Cape Town
  • January 20 - February 15: Program continues in Cape Town
  • February 15: End of program. Group flight departs Cape Town for the U.S.

Program Fees

  • $3,710 with airfare 

Excludes airline taxes & PCC tuition. Based on a minimum enrollment of 20 students.

Program Fee Includes:

  • Roundtrip airfare between Los Angeles (LAX), Johannesburg (JHB), and Cape Town (CPT).
  • Johannesburg accommodations in twin or triple-bedded hotel rooms. Breakfast included.
  • Cape Town accommodations in self-catering student lodge with multi-bedded rooms.
  • Johannesburg: visits to the Apartheid Museum & Soweto Township.
  • Cape Town: visits to Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Robben Island, the Cape Town Holocaust Center, and Bo-Kaap Museum & Slave Lodge.
  • Tour & talk at District Six Museum with an ex-resident.
  • Half-day excursion to Langa Township with a community guide and a visit to the Happy Feet Youth Project.
  • Full-day excursion to Cape of Good Hope with hiking in Cape Point Nature Reserve & entrance to Boulders Beach penguin colony. 
  • Volunteering at a community organization that serves women and children.
  • On-site faculty, student support staff member, and 24-hour emergency contact service.
  • Accident and illness insurance
  • Liability insurance

Program fee does not include:

  • Mandatory U.S. government and airline-imposed departure taxes, fees and fuel surcharges of $570 (subject to change)
  • Meals other than those listed
  • Optional medical insurance upgrade ($65) and optional personal effects coverage ($90)
  • Passport and visa fees, if applicable
  • PCC course registration fees
  • Textbooks
  • Personal expenses
Fee:             Deadline:
Enrollment Deposit $450.00 Due immediately upon acceptance into program
Balance of Fees $3,260.00  November 19, 2019
Airline Tax (estimate) $570.00 November 19, 2019
Total   $4,280.00  
Optional Upgrades:    
Medical Insurance Upgrade $65.00 November 19, 2019
Personal Effects Insurance $90.00 November 19, 2019

All students must submit the $450 deposit when completing the online enrollment form immediately after acceptance into the program. Subsequent payments may be made by check or credit card. Checks should be made payable to “AIFS.” American Express, MasterCard and Visa are accepted.

Please note: A $35 returned check fee will be charged on all checks returned by the bank for insufficient funds.

AIFS Air/Transportation Package 

Tickets purchased from AIFS are exclusively on scheduled airlines (not charters). They are not endorsable to another carrier. Flights are not necessarily direct or non-stop, they cannot be rerouted, and frequent flyer miles are not applicable. The AIFS Transportation Package includes round-trip ground transportation from the airports in South Africa to your accommodations on the regularly scheduled program dates. 

Participants wishing to cancel from the flight (with permision from PCC Study Abroad) must notify AIFS in writing by Tuesday, November 19, 2019. Cancellation penalties will apply. Tickets are no-refundable after this date.

AIFS Airfare Regulations

Return must be to original U.S. departure city. Tickets are subject to airline availability. No refunds are available for any unused portion of ticket. Stopovers are not permitted. Once in South Africa, participants may be able to change their return date, but only if that date is available and in the same class of service in which the ticket was booked. Only the ticketing agent can provide this information. Participants are subject to agency and airline-imposed change fees and space availability. Group round-trip ground transportation to and from the airports in South Africa are on the regularly scheduled program dates only.

A minimum of 10 participants must take the AIFS flight for it to be offered.

AIFS Refund Policy 

All notification of withdrawal must be made in writing via fax or certified mail to: Registrar, Customized, Faculty-led Programs, AIFS Study Abroad, 1 High Ridge Park, Stamford, CT 06905. The fax number is 203.399.5597. Postmark date or date of fax transmission is considered date of withdrawal. All withdrawal statements must be signed by the applicant, or they will not be processed.

If a student withdraws on or before Friday, October 18, 2019, s/he will receive a refund for all fees paid less a $150 processing fee and any non-refundable deposits paid by the student or by AIFS on the student’s behalf.

If a student withdraws after Friday, October 18, 2019, but on or before Tuesday, November 19, 2019, s/he will receive a refund for all fees paid less the $450 deposit and any non-refundable deposits paid by the student or by AIFS on the student's behalf.

The total program fee is due Tuesday, November 19, 2019. No refund will be given after this date for any reason except medical covered by the AIFS Fees Refund and Medical Insurance Policy. The policy requires written proof of medical reasons provided by your physician.

This refund policy is necessary because the booking of facilities in South Africa requires substantial non-refundable payments and commitments by AIFS in advance.



Participants must enroll in both classes for a total of 6 units.

Course #

Course Name


Psychology 024 Lifespan Developmental Psychology


Psychology 025              

Human Sexuality


* All courses are CSU/UC transferable.

* Honors Program credit for those who qualify

Psychology 024: Lifespan Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology is a study of how and why people change over time as well as how and why they remain the same. Our goal is to understand how the child develops into an adult and the factors that will positively or negatively impact this process along the way. In this class, we will focus on changes occurring from conception through adolescence, making an effort to uncover clear links between the earlier aspects of development and the later impact on the adolescent. Special emphasis will be placed on understanding how differences in ethnicity, gender, culture, and income impact development. This course will employ cross-cultural comparisons to South African society and culture.

Psychology 025: Human Sexuality

Human sexuality focuses on the biological aspects of sexuality as well as many topics that are hotly debated today (gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual assault/abuse, divorce, teen pregnancy, etc). It is my intention that this course provides you with an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills regarding various aspects of sexuality and broaden your perspective, acceptance and understanding of experiences different than your own. This course will employ cross-cultural comparisons to South African society and culture.

This is a course designed to challenge your stereotypes, attitudes and beliefs about various issues in human sexuality. It is also my hope that you will learn about yourself and others close to you in the process.

Program Faculty

Professor Jennifer Noble, social sciences

Jennifer Noble is an Associate Professor at PCC and has taught full time in the Psychology Department since 2007. She was born and raised in California and got her BA in both Spanish and Psychology from Andrews University. She then went on to get her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology. She has a specialty in Cross Cultural Community Psychology and was trained in clinical psychotherapy with children and teens at various agencies in Southern California. She is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Reiss Davis Child Study Center.

Dr. Noble has traveled the world extensively, having visited over 35 countries. She lived in Argentina for a year as a student and thus has had a personal experience with what it is like to study abroad as a young adult. Dr. Noble became fluent in Spanish and developed a deep appreciation for the various cultures and languages of the world. Dr. Noble is adventurous and “knows no strangers,” which makes her well-equipped to be an instructor for this program.

Dr. Noble is excited to teach Human Sexuality and Developmental Psychology for the Capetown program. In her graduate work in clinical psychology her program emphasized an understanding of the cultural and community differences we can see in human interactions and behavior, coping skills and mental illness. Having had multiple courses to challenge the notion that human behavior and mental illness symptoms have one universal presentation, Dr. Noble plans to bring this same approach to the psychology courses she will teach in South Africa. She will cover core content of each course, but through a cross-cultural lens. Dr. Noble’s intention is to highlight particular topics that will have a distinct presentation in South African culture or are topics that are heavily debated in current society. We will address and challenge psychological principles that are understood to be universal by comparing them to South African society and culture.

Meals & Accommodations

Cape Town: Accommodations in a furnished, self-catering, student lodge located in the observatory district of Cape Town. You will stay in a multi-bedded room with one to three other students. The lodge includes shared bathrooms, living areas, and a fully-equipped kitchen where you can prepare your meals. Linens and towels will be provided and you will have access to laundry facilities.

Johannesburg: Accommodations in twin or triple-bedded rooms at a hotel with breakfast.

Excursions & Activities

Orientation Program
  • Orientation upon arrival covering topics such as general acclimation, safety and security issues, cultural differences, travel and money.
  • Local area walking tour of the Observatory District in Cape Town covering housing and classroom locations and local amenities.
  • Welcome dinner
Local Activities

The group will visit a variety of sights in Johannesburg and Cape Town, including the Apartheid Museum and Soweto Township; Robben Island and the prison where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years of his life; the District Six Museum; the Bo-Kaap Museum & Slave Lodge; and the Cape Town Holocaust Centre. Students will also have the opportunity to volunteer with a community organization serving women and children. 

Langa Township Excursion

Stroll the alleyways of the oldest planned township in Cape Town with a community guide. This township once housed male migrant workers who were not allowed to live within the boundaries of the city during apartheid. Explore this vibrant, resilient, community; visit the Happy Feet Youth Project; and stop for a drink at a local shabeen (tavern).

Table Mountain Excursion

No trip to Cape Town is complete without venturing to the flat-topped summit of Table Mountain. Explore the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens at the eastern foot of the mountain, then journey to the summit via Cable Car for a spectacular panoramic view of the city, Robben Island, and Table Bay.

Cape of Good Hope Excursion

Enjoy a full-day excursion to the Cape of Good Hope, a rocky promontory at the tip of the Cape Peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean, and visit the endangered penguins of Boulders Beach - one of the few land-based African penguin colonies in the world.

Financial Aid may be available to those who qualify. Grants, loans, and scholarships may be used to pay program fees.

Apply immediately. You should allow up to eight weeks for your financial aid request to be processed.

More About Financial Aid options at PCC

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We are now accepting applications for the Cape Town 2020 program! Applications submitted on or before October 1 will be given priority. A limited amount of spots are available for this program. Apply now!

To be eligible for the program, you must be at least 18 years old on the date of departure. All adult students and varied educational backgrounds are welcome! You do not need to be a current PCC student to join the program.

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Contact Professor Andrea Murray, Study Abroad Coordinator

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  • (626) 585-3365
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