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Work with a STEM counselor to declare a major & build your Ed Plan

Counselors are available in the L-Building and, at designated times, in the STEM Centers on Campus. They will help you make education plans, answer questions, and offer skills and advice. You can make an appointment to see a counselor or stop by during drop-in hours. Visit a STEM Center to learn more! 


Get help navigating PCC

Success Coaches will help you navigate PCC, connect you to counseling and other campus resources, and support your successful college-going behaviors.  STEM students can make an appointment to see a counselor or stop by during drop-in hours. Visit a STEM Center to learn more!

Supplemental Instruction

Drop in for a Supplemental Instruction session with your peers

SI supports your learning through peer led group study sessions. SI is currently offered for Chemistry 22, Chemistry 1A, Chemistry 1B, and Chemistry 8A at a variety of times. The sessions cover topics that are relevant to what most of the course sections are covering at any given time.

Schedule: To attend SI you need to be enrolled in an SI course. No appointment is needed! Follow Supplemental Instruction PCC on Facebook for schedule updates! 


Academic Support Assistants (Tutors)

Get one-on-one attention with an Academic Support Assistant

One-on-one tutoring is available on a first-come, first-served basis in all STEM centers. Our team of Academic Support Assistants is comprised of PCC students who have mastered the courses in a range of STEM subject areas (math, chemistry, physics, biology, and computer science). They are trained to help you work through comprehension issues and provide you with problem solving strategies to implement on your own.

Schedule: Schedules vary. Visit a STEM Center to find out more!


Not sure what kind of support you need?

Visit a STEM Success Center for help.

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