STEM outreach at Pasadena City College collaborates with the broader community on a wide range of STEM related programs and activities. Supported by faculty, staff, and students, we are dedicated to promoting STEM education to underrepresented and low-income students. Our goal is to instill in the next generation of students and their families, a passion for the fields of STEM by increasing accessibility to educational, hands-on experiences.

Delivering Hands-On, Engaging Experiences in STEMStudents from our recent 5 Days of STEAM for GIRLS! participated in engaging workshops in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

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    August 3, 2019: 9am - 12pm
    August 31, 2019: 9am-12pm
    September 28, 2019: 9am-12pm
    November 2, 2019: 9am-12pm 

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