Our STEAMBASSADORS are a collective of current PCC STEM students, who are passionate about educating students and the broader community in all things STEM. They are integral to the success of various STEM initiatives on and off campus.

Our STEAMBASSADORS develop and facilitate engaging hands-on activities for K-12, support various events hosted by PCC, and assist with our STEM pathway and transfer experiential learning opportunities.

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Advice from our STEAM Ambassadors

“Get involved! Look for internships or programs that might make your transfer experience easier.”


"Time management is the most important thing to focus on!”

Mechanical Engineering

“Reach out to upperclassmen in your major and also take advantage of assist.org.”


"Get to know different people in your classes, campus clubs and activities. College is what you make of it, so make it a good and memorable time, not a long time. Remember, have fun and work hard!”

— DanielMolina
Robotics Engineering

"Make sure you enjoy your classes. If you don’t, find a reason to. Also, be aware of your resources (textbooks, office hours, success centers, and tutoring.”

Materials Engineering

“Engage yourself in projects related to your area of study. Project-based learning truly bridges the gap between the theory of a concept and the real world application of it.

Mechanical Engineering