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STEM at PCC is a community made up of coaches/counselors, classified-staff, faculty, managers, and students who are focused on helping you become a STEM professional. Together we give you the academic, wellness, community, career, and transfer support necessary to successfully complete a STEM degree or certificate, develop transferable skills, and prepare for your career in STEM.

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Although the academic preparation for STEM degrees and certificates can be rigorous, we offer a network of STEM centers and academic support professionals who will help you successfully navigate these challenges and attain your goals.

Careers in STEM

Demand is on the rise for skilled individuals in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Learn more about the careers and jobs that your degree may lead to! 

STEM Careers

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Your STEM goals start here! PCC offers a variety of degrees, certificates, and transfer courses in STEM. Explore our academic options to see which is best for you! 

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The League of STEM includes 15+ STEM related clubs on campus. Join a club to meet new people with similar goals and to get more involved in the STEM community! 

The League of STEM