Hello High School Instructor/ROCP Teacher or Administrator,

Thank you for your interest in the credit by articulation process between your high school and Pasadena City College. Although a Superintendent or Curriculum Coordinator must sign off on an articulation agreement, the work of establishing articulation is a faculty to faculty process. Articulation programs allow local community college faculty to work with you in providing college level instruction and credit for your students. Articulation agreements are a joint process: both community college faculty and high school/ROCP teachers come together during our Articulation Day at PCC to develop a program that is at a level both parties can agree on.

At the end of the process, a high school/ROCP course has been confirmed to be as rigorous and challenging as one taught at a college, and to merit advanced placement and/or credit at that college. High school and ROCP students are more likely to pursue an educational pathway in college if they have already made progress in it at their high school. Thus, articulation agreements put you and community college faculty on the same team.

For more information on high school CTE articulations, please visit the State Wide Pathways webpage

Have Your Courses Considered for Articulation