The International Peer Leader Program, or IPL for short, is a program where all new incoming international students are paired with a student who is farther along in their journey at PCC. These Peer Leaders can help you by introducing you to campus, going to club meetings together, or just answering any questions you have! If you want to get in contact with any of our 2020-2021 peer leaders below, please email and we would be more than happy to connect you. 

Gaukhar Abilova

Major: Business Administration
Home Country: Kazakhstan
Dream School: NYU
Hobbies: Fashion

What is your favorite family vacation?: Typical Kazakh family is supposed to be very big and noisy. My family and my aunts and uncles with my cousins gather every July to travel to Kyrgyzstan to our vacation family house. There are usually 15 to 20 people and we are having the best time, eating delicious food, swimming in a lake, playing board games, and listening to our grandmother’s stories.

Hi, international lancers! I am so excited to meet and talk with all of you! Let’s work hard, have fun, and take care of each other~

Anastasia Brigadnova

Major: Business Administration
Home Country: Russia
Dream School: UCI or USC
What's the most unusual thing you have eaten?: 

I was reluctant to try Durian when I was traveling in South East Asia, for the same reasons as anyone would say, it’s smell. I was told the more you eat it, the better it tastes after time. After a few times of trying different durian types out, I didn’t mind the smell and it actually was tasty! The durian works in mysterious ways.

My name is Anastasia, I’m from Moscow, Russia. I’m a Business administration student here at PCC. I love traveling and learning about new cultures as well as languages.

Sora Chen

Major: Computer Science
Home Country: Taiwan
Dream School: UC Berkeley
Hobbies: Gaming, reading, exercising
What is your favorite zoo animal?: Gray wolf

Sora is a second-year student in PCC, currently studying computer programming language C++. He is fluent in Japanese and has passed the JLPT N1 level test three years ago.

Devina Christabella

Major: Political Science
Home Country: Indonesia
Dream School: UCI or CSU, Long Beach 
Hobbies: Watching movies, reading, music

I'm a political science (that might switch to nursing) major that does song-writing as a side hustle for fun! I also love animals

Irdina Tisha Harris

Major: Computer Science
Home Country: Malaysia
Dream School: UC Berkeley or UCLA
Hobbies: Journaling, Brush Calligraphy, video games, reading manga & novels, watching a variety of TV shows, movies, and anime; traveling and seeing new places and trying new food!
What is the best gift you've been given?: One of my favorite gifts I have received was in my senior year of high school when my friends and I did a Secret Santa exchange. My Secret Santa actually put the effort into finding out what I liked and got me a bunch of stationery and stickers but the best part of the gift was that she got me a number of adorable patterned socks that at the time i was really into collecting!

Hi, I’m Tisha (Tee-sha)! I’m 19 years old. I moved around a lot due to my dad’s job so although i was born in Malaysia I spent most of my life overseas. I grew up in London, UK and went to a bit of middle school and high school in New York City and I'm here in California for college!

Jordan Ho

Major: Business/ Economics
Home Country: United States/ Hong Kong
Dream School: UCLA
Hobbies: Playing sports, watching dramas, hanging out with friends
Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse, or drive a car?: Drive a car, since it is more convenient.

Hi, my name is Jordan.  My family comes from Hong Kong, so basically I can speak Cantonese and Mandarin as well.  This is my second year in PCC.  I know being an international student is difficult, I hope I can try my best to help everyone to adapt to the new situation and become successful.  I like to meet new people, so feel free to talk to me when you see me.

Ngan Hong

Major: Business Administration
Home Country: Vietnam
Hobbies: Traveling and cooking
What is your favorite thing about your career?: I can serve different people and see delicious food every day in a restaurant.

Who I am? I am optimistic and friendly. I like to talk to people and listen to their stories. Some of my friends tell me that I am too innocent. I just smile because it is me. 

Britney Hundjaja

Major: Illustration or Entertainment Design
Home Country: Indonesia
Dream school: Art Center College of Art and Design 
Hobbies: Drawing, watching TV shows, anime and movies, reading mangas, basketball.
On a scale of 1-10 how funny would you say you are?: 10. I’ve been a clown for my whole life so I might as well be good at it.

Hi! I’m Britney. I’m currently mourning over the completion of a volleyball comic that started 8 years ago. Feel free to approach me if you see me on campus after COVID ends. 

Justin Jing

Major: Business/ Economics
Home Country: United States/ Hong Kong
Dream School: USC 
Hobbies: Play Basketball, Riding a bike, hanging out with friends
Would you rather a bike, ride a horse or drive a car?: For me would be riding a bike because it is an exercise and helps to reduce carbon dioxide.

I’m Justin Jing. I joined this program because I want to help international students to be successful in a community. I consider myself as a positive person because I like to help others when they need help.

Kevin Law

Major: Communication Studies
Home Country: Singapore/Taiwan
Dream School: USC
Hobbies: Hiking
What is your favorite game or sport to watch and play?: NBA / Fan of Lakers.  

I am a second-year student at PCC. I am also a tutor at Math Success Center. I am also part of the Speech and Debate team at PCC.

Yeeun Chloe Lee

Major: Chemistry
Home Country: South Korea
Dream School: UCI or UCLA
Hobbies: Playing League or Legends 
What’s your favorite holiday?: My favorite holiday is my birthday. It’s not actually an official holiday but I try to finish all my work or assignments before my birthday and enjoy my birthday without any concerns. 

I’m very excited to join IPL team and also looking forward to meet mentees and be friends with them. I hope this COVID-19 pandemic gets better and meet other IPLs and have fun activities or meetings together in person.

Iat Hin Jason Lei

Major: Sociology
Home Country: Macau, China
Dream School: UC Berkeley, UCLA, or University of Chicago
Hobbies: Singing, badminton, listening to music, hanging out, hiking
What is your biggest fear?: Ghost because it is something invisible

This is Jason from Macau which is a city next to Hong Kong. I like to talk with others because it is the most efficient way to be familiar with someone, and I can also learn from them. I am a good listener and I am always here for you!

Juncheng Liang 

Major: Business Administration 
Home Country: China
Dream School: University of Pennsylvania 
Hobbies: Reading, swimming, cooking
What is your proudest accomplishment?: To help people

I like to listen to everyones story and feel the feelings of the people in the story. I like reading because this way I can understand the history. I like to help others because I can reap happiness.

Dervin Lopez 

Major: Physics
Home Country: Guatemala
Dream School: Cal State LA
Hobbies: I like to play video games, and I love watching movies and shows. I have also watched all the Harry Potter movies multiple times.
What is your favorite holiday?: I love Christmas time. This is the time when I can spend most of the time with my family, and I also like being in a cold environment while drinking coffee or chocolate.

Hello everyone! I am Dervin, and I have been in the US for almost 5 years as an international student. I enjoy being active and playing sports, but I also love to stay in bed and watch random videos or just listen to music for hours.

Taeng Huy Ly

Major: Communication Studies
Home Country: Cambodia
Dream School: USC or UCLA
Hobbies: Reading, traveling, watching Netflix, listening to music
What motivates you to work hard?: I think what motivates me to work hard is through looking back at my past accomplishments. It gives me a boost of confidence and encourages me to put in extra effort into what I do which I think is what needed to reach the desired goals in life.

Hello everyone! I’m Huy. I’m currently pursuing a degree in communication at PCC before transferring to my dream university. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding your academic progress or just anything about college in general. I’m very outgoing and wouldn’t turn down the chance of starting a conversation with you. Hope to see you soon!

Vart Vars Megerditchian

Major: Biology
Home Country: I’m Armenian and I’ve grown up in Syria and Lebanon
Dream Career: Being a Pediatrician
Hobbies: Playing the piano, photography and learning new languages.
What is the tallest building you have been in?: I’ve actually been in the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa of Dubai!

As someone who has experienced moving continents, countries, and cities multiple times, I know how stressful it could all be to be a student at an institution where everything is unfamiliar. As an international peer leader, I hope on helping any international students with their personal concerns, giving them a lending hand in anything & everything and offering support whenever needed so they can succeed academically and personally at Pasadena City College and beyond!

Yu Ng

Major: Social Behavioral Science
Home Country: China
Dream School: UCLA
Hobbies: Golf
Where do you like to visit?: A mom's work never done, but I am very much enjoying it. Hawaii is my favorite place where I spend my holiday with my family, so I am dreaming to be there soon.

Fabiana Parades

Major: Biology
Home Country: Peru
Dream School: UC Santa Barbara 
Hobbies: Painting and playing instruments 
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: Working with a team of scientists in a rental house in Positano, where we have an improv lab in one of the rooms.

I want to try to do lots of things. Switching all the time between hobbies. I love the ocean and nature. I like taking my time with stuff. I miss my home country and the people and the food and everything, but I know this time away is meant only for my growth.

Adonahi Tortoledo

Major: Spanish
Home Country: United States
Dream School: UCLA
Dream Career: Counselor for International Students 
Hobbies: Watching romantic comedy movies, online shopping and swimming.
What makes you laugh the most?: Lately cat videos are what makes me laugh a lot these days. My favorite one is of a cat named Cooper who has the most adorable meow ever and its crazy owner who squeals every time he does something cute.

Anastasia Wibisono

Major: Film
Home Country: Indonesia
Dream School: USC
Hobbies: Sports activities (trekking), photography, drawing, filming
Does your family have a “motto” – spoken or unspoken?: Rather than saying a "motto", my family has a unique tradition. Every time we were separated from each other especially in a foreign country. We would signaled each other by a whistle. Haha, so if one of our family member get lost or separated, they or we will whistle ( to know our position ), then we all would gathered just fine. I barely notice that as a weird tradition when I grew up, until my friends told me how weird it was!

Jiayue Winnie Wu

Major: Math/Economics
Home Country: China
Dream School: UCLA
Hobbies: Traveling, cooking
Do you love or hate roller coasters?: Definitely love it!!! Really want to go to six flags again!

Hello everyone! Like all of you, as an international student, I came here far away from my home country and used to get lost. I hope I could help you guys with my experience to get more familiar with college life!

Kun-Wei James Yeh

Major: Biological Sciences 
Home Country: Taiwan
Dream School: UCLA
Hobbies: Watching YouTube, Netflix, jogging, and riding bike
What is your favorite family holiday tradition?: In Moon Festival, our family have the tradition that everyone come back home, stay together, and eating BBQ. I like the feeling that all the family members sit together, have the food and chat.

I am an international student who came to America alone without knowing any friends at same age here so I understand your feelings and I am happy to help anyone have any problem of studying aboard in their first year. Besides that, I like to chat, make friends, try and learn new things. Also, I believe that I can also help first-year student about the problems related to STEM major.

Luigi Yonamine

Major: Animation and Motion Arts
Home Country: Brazil
Hobbies: Video games, movies, Japanese comics and anime, reading
How many pillows do you sleep with?: 42.
If you had a warning label, what would yours say?: Task failed successfully. 
What did you want to be when you were small?: I am still small. 

Hello, I am Luigi, a Japanese-Brazilian from South America. I'm studying Animation at PCC, and have a passion for anything with a fun story. My goal as a Peer Leader is to help ease the transition for international students, and provide a focus point for any troubles! Nice to meet you!

Yuruo Dolly Yu

Major: Natural Sciences
Home Country: China
Dream School: Cal Tech
Hobbies: League of Legends, singing, watching operas and stand up comedy
What is your favorite book to read?: Cloud Atlas