You can get your transcripts reviewed by the Counseling office in the L building. However, transcripts will not be evaluated until you complete at least 15 units at PCC. If you’ve taken courses elsewhere and are interested in the PCC SLPA Program, it is important that you maintain careful records of all your coursework and transcripts. Not all of your coursework may be equivalent to the Board-approved PCC SLPA Program curriculum, and may require course description, review by a faculty member, or even the filling of a petition. Ideally, all certificate level coursework should be taken within a 5 year period. The PCC SLPA Program will not accept your transcripts, so you should meet with a Counselor in the L Building.

Visit the PCC Counseling services for more information  

This is a group of courses that add up to 47 units. Courses without prerequisites can be taken outside of the course sequence, but other courses that are designated as SLPA, must be taken in the proper course sequence. To take SLPA 18, you must have completed or be eligible for English 1A. If you are a new student, you can ascertain your eligibility for English 1A by going to the Assessment Center in D- 205.

All SLPA courses are offered only once a year with the exception of SLPA 126 (Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Fieldwork), which is offered in the fall and spring semesters.

In order to progress in the SLPA program, you must demonstrate core competencies, as required by the Licensing Board, in oral and written English, critical thinking, understanding of diversity and interpersonal communications, and all other SLPA competencies required to be a licensed paraprofessional. The prerequisites for our SLPA courses ensure that you gain core competencies to progress further in the SLPA Program.

If you attend PCC as a full-time student, you can finish the entire program within a two year period, including intersessions when they are offered. Although it will take longer, there are many part-time students in our program who work and have families. If you are coming from a different school with some coursework already completed, the program may still take around two years. Most of our courses are offered in the late afternoons and evenings to accommodate working students.

Tuition for the program will cost approximately $2,898. This cost excludes campus fees, the cost of parking, and other required textbooks and course materials.

To complete the fieldwork for this program, you will also need to pay for live scan fingerprinting for PCC, NSSLHA membership, and malpractice insurance when enrolled in SLPA 126 Fieldwork. The estimated cost of tuition and all other costs is $5,250. You will also be required to dedicate 2 full days when taking the course SLPA 126 and will need to provide your own transportation.

If you have financial aid needs, you can apply for Financial Aid. 

After completing all coursework with a grade of “C” or better, you will be responsible for mailing your PCC transcript to the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology & Hearing Aid Dispenser’s Licensing Board in Sacramento. After you complete the application process, you will be registered by the Licensing Board and receive a Speech Pathology Assistant (SPA) registration number. You can then work legally as a SLPA under the supervision of a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). 

No. There are very few courses at PCC that will transfer to a baccalaureate SLP program at universities. Our program focuses on training paraprofessionals, who assist Speech-Language Pathologists. Other Bachelor's and Master's programs will train you to become a professional Speech-Language Pathologist, where the minimum requirement is a Master’s degree. If you’re interested in learning about university training programs in California, visit the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association website.

For more information on the field of speech pathology and audiology, visit the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

To learn more about the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant and Hearing Aid Dispenser’s Board, visit California's Department of Consumer Affairs.

Your ability to get into a particular class is directly related to how long you have been a PCC student. There is no guarantee that you will be added to a class that is already full, even if you are on a wait-list. You can build your “priority registration” by enrolling in any classes at PCC and taking more units. 
No. We give priority to PCC students who attend our SLPA program. If you have a Bachelor's degree, we encourage you to seek out other SLPA Programs or Cal State Universities to become registered. If you are currently in another program and wish to participate in the PCC SLPA program, you will be required to complete our entire program from the beginning. 

All of our programs are currently offered on-site only. Two online programs are: