Before you start some of our programs and courses, you will need to attend a group orientation for the program. The courses that require an orientation are listed as "Restricted" on the course schedule and you will not be able to register for them until your orientation has been completed.

Job Training Programs Orientation

All of our Job Training programs require a group orientation before you register for classes. Follow these simple steps to complete your orientation.

  1. Complete and submit your Noncredit application

    Apply Now to Noncredit
  2. Review the orientation schedule for the upcoming semester to find the date and time that works best for you.

    Noncredit Orientation Schedule for Fall 2016 Classes




    August 3


    CEC 226A

    August 10

    6:00 PM

    CEC 227

    August 17

    10:00 AM

    CEC 227

    August 20

    9:30 AM

    CEC 227

    August 24

    6:00 PM

    CEC 227

  3. Go to the Noncredit Counseling Deparment (Room 105 at the Foothill Campus) and make an orientation appointment for the time you prefer.

Adult High School Diploma and GED Programs

Our Adult High School Diploma Program also requires a group orientation prior to registering. These orientations are conducted by your counselors before you take the ACCUPLACER tests for placement into our English and Math courses.

To find out more, please contact our Noncredit Counseling Office at 626-585-3006.