SLAM (Statistics and Liberal Arts Math) courses are for students pursuing a program of study that does not require calculusMost students seeking an certificates, AA, AS, or transfer programs that do not require calculus, can choose from the SLAM options.

To meet your GE math requirement you only need one math course. Your placement allows you to select from any of the SLAM math courses.  Please check your Educational Plan or see a counselor to make sure you choose the course that best meets your educational goals.

Note to Business Majors: Some business majors require calculus; therefore,students with those majors must follow the STEM sequence.  

Programs that Require SLAM Courses

SLAM Courses

Our course offerings and schedule vary each semester. Please use the links below for a complete course listing.


At PCC, we want to see you succeed. We have several options for support while you complete your math classes.

Support Course
STAT 050 and MATH 015 can be taken paired with a support course. The support courses were designed to give you more time with your instructor and your classmates. If you feel you would benefit from this additional support please consider taking Stat 050 paired with Stat 150 or Math 015 paired with Math 115.
Success Centers

Visit the Success Centers for tutoring, tutoring, coaching, counseling, study space, and access to technology.

Success Centers

Still not sure which sequence to follow?

Read more about "What Math Class I Should I Take?" to see how to pick the best sequence for you.

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