The Wait List for 2nd Half Math Path courses is now available!

Math Path Courses for the 2nd Half begin on October 22nd.

1. Watch the Orientation Video

You can watch this at anytime and as many times as you would like!

2. Complete the Orientation 

You will need to complete the Orientation Form with a score of 100%.

3. Complete the Fall 2018 Intake Form 2nd Half Wait List

To be placed on the 2nd Half Wait List complete the Intake Form. 

This will be available after you complete the Orientation. Please note that completing the Intake Form does not guarantee a spot in Math Path.

After submitting the Intake Form, you will be emailed by the Math Path office within 24 hours about how to register for a Math Path course. Again, a spot in a Math Path course is not guaranteed.


If you have any questions please call (626) 585-7458. You may also email Math Path at or visit us in person in R-406.