It Pays to Study Languages!

The Languages and ESL Division is proud to honor its students each year with many awards and scholarships. You are eligible for scholarships if you excel in your ESL, Foreign Language, or Linguistics classes at PCC. The scholarships are funded by donations from faculty, former students, and the community.

Division Honors

To be a candidate for Languages Division honors for superior achievement, you must have an overall GPA of 3.3 with at least 36 units completed. You must have earned As in the language courses for which you are receiving the honor, but may have one B.

You must have an overall GPA of 3.5 with at least 36 units completed to be a candidate for Languages Division Honors for Extraordinary Achievement. Recipients must have received As in the language courses for which he/she is receiving the honor.

Individual Scholarships & Awards

Individual scholarships and awards may have different criteria. In the spring of each academic year, you are asked to submit applications to the PCC Scholarships Website. All materials, including recommendation letters, are submitted online. Awards are presented to recipients in the spring at the Languages Division Honors and Awards Program.

Foreign Languages Scholarships

The Kathleen D. Loly Scholarship is awarded each spring to a student who has excelled in a Foreign Language and who is transferring to a college or university.

The student applying for this scholarship must:

  1. be ready to transfer to a college or university
  2. be graduating from PCC having completed at least 30 units at PCC
  3. have an over-all satisfactory record in scholarship and citizenship
  4. need financial assistance to accomplish his/her educational goal
  5. preferably be an outstanding Foreign Language student and a member of Alpha Gamma Sigma

Arthur S. Wiley Scholarship Fund provides an award to students who study foreign languages and who have distinguished themselves in scholarship and in citizenship.
To qualify for this award, a student

  1. shall be graduating from Pasadena City College;
  2. shall have achieved academic success in the study of one or more languages;
  3. shall have contributed some notable service to the Languages Division.

The Clara Bate Giddings Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Clara Bate Giddings, who taught German at PCC from 1926 to 1948. This award recognizes superior achievement in the study of German. Recipients must have completed 30 units at the college and be graduating at the time of the award with an outstanding record in advanced German courses and a superior record in scholarship and citizenship.

The Henry F. Cordelius award was established by Henry Cordelius, a former professor of German at PCC. This award is designed to encourage the study of German languages and limited to graduating students who are planning to continue to do so at a higher institution. Recipients must have attended PCC for at least one year and demonstrate an outstanding record in advanced German courses as well as a superior record in scholarship and citizenship.

This award is for outstanding students majoring in Italian, who are planning to continue studying Italian at undergraduate and graduate level.

The scholarship requires the student to have a minimum of 3.5 GPA, and 18 units of Italian taken. Priority will be given to students who are planning to use Italian in their future career.

The Dr. Hirai Japanese Scholarship is awarded to PCC students who have completed Japanese 4 with high achievements and dedication.

This scholarship, was established by her husband in honor of Margarita Fastabend, a vivacious and accomplished Professor Emerita of Pasadena City College. This is an award for outstanding achievement in Spanish.

To qualify the student, for whom Spanish is a foreign language, must have achieved an outstanding record in Spanish courses and have completed Spanish 4. Also the student must have attended Pasadena City College for at least one year and be transferring to a four year college.

ESL Scholarships

This award is in memory of Yves Magloe, an ESL Faculty member who crossed cultural boundaries to become successful here at PCC. It is designed to honor ESL students who face similar cross-cultural experiences. The student must have taken ESL 33B in the previous calendar year, be currently enrolled in six units and have an overall GPA of 3.0. As part of the process, applicants must also write an essay to qualify.

The Renee Copeland Memorial Award was established to honor the memory of Renee Copeland, a longtime professor of English as a Second Language and French. The award recognizes the academic achievements of F-1 Visa students who are in need of help financially. Recipients must have completed at least two of the following courses: ESL 33A, 33B, English 1A and demonstrate good character and a good academic record at PCC.

Linguistics Scholarships

Linguistics Scholarship

The Linguistics Scholarship is awarded faculty selection. Criteria: Compare overall GPA, GPA in Linguistics courses, the number of Linguistics courses a student has taken and preference given to Linguistics majors. 

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