A photo of the language exchange board in the ESL Center.
Find a Language Exchange Partner!

The Language Exchange Program gives you an opportunity to practice your second language by meeting with a native speaker of that language. In return, you will help your partner learn your native language. Practicing your second language with native speakers will help you feel more comfortable and confident in speaking with others because you have a chance to apply all you've learned.

How to Join the Language Exchange Program

Step 1: Come to the Languages and ESL Division Office in C-247, and the front desk staff will direct you to the Language Exchange Board. If you are a native English speaker, you will need to fill out a green slip and if you are a native speaker of another language, fill out the yellow slip and post it on the board.

Step 2: Wait for an interested partner to contact you or find a partner on the board.

Step 3: Make arrangements to meet for conversation with your partner at times and places that are convenient for you.

Who Can Participate?

Students who are taking ESL classes or a foreign language. You must be able to help your partner with the language that he or she is learning. Here is a list of languages that students at PCC may learn:

  • Arabic
  • Armenian
  • Chinese
  • ESL/English
  • Japanese
  • French*
  • German*
  • Portuguese*
  • Russian*
  • Spanish

*It may be hard to find a native-speaking partner if you are studying one of these languages, but you can apply and see what happens.

Extra Credit

Extra credit for participating in a Language Exchange is decided by your ESL professor. You will need to discuss this option with them. However, if you regularly meet your partner and practice speaking the language you are learning, your grade in the class will likely improve.