The ESL program has 5 levels of ESL. Each level takes one semester to complete and has both required and recommended classes. In each level, you will take classes in writing, reading, listening and speaking, as well as academic support courses.

Based on the results of your ESL placement test, you will be assigned to your first level of ESL classes. To pass a level, you need to complete all required courses with a grade of C or above. Though the reommneded courses are not required, they will help you improve your skills and perform better in your required courses!

After you pass a level, you may enroll in the next level of classes. Once you complete Level 5, the highest level, you will be ready to enroll in college English!


Required Courses 

Recommended Courses

Reading & Writing
Listening & Speaking 
Pronunciation & Workplace
Level 1**        ESL 420 ESL 460  ESL 456 ESL 472 (Level 1-2)  
Level 2 ESL 422 ESL 432 ESL 446 ESL 246 (Level 2-3) ESL 410A
Level 3 ESL 122  ESL 132  ESL 176 ESL 172 (Level 3-4) ESL 410B and ESL 403
Level 4  ESL 33A*  ESL 111 ESL 136 ESL 146 (Level 4-5) ESL 113
Level 5  ESL 33B*  ENGL 130  ESL 106   ESL 133

* Transfer Credit, UC, CSU

** Noncredit Classes corresponding to Level 1 are available through the Noncredit Division at the Community Education Center.