ESL Pairs and Blocks are grouped courses that you can take together during a semester. An ESL Pair is a group of two courses taken together. An ESL Block is a group of three courses taken together.

The advantage of the ESL Pairs and Blocks is they offer a combination of courses with different subjects which will help you practice and develop your skills in reading, writing, grammar, listening, and speaking. Plus, when you register for a pair or block, you take each course with the same group of students. This will help you meet other college level ESL students. 

Course Pair & Blocks FAQ

No, you have to take all of the classes in the block; otherwise you will be dropped from those classes.

Courses in a pair or block are listed as "Instr Aprv Reqd" which means they are reserved for a pair or group. You must get permission from the Division in order to sign up for these classes.