New for Fall 2019!

Accelerated+ ESL

Do you want to be one semester closer to a degree or transfer? A+ESL can help you achieve your goals!

Advantages of A+ESL 

  • Complete two full levels of ESL in just one semester
  • Achieve your ESL goals faster
  • Get to English 1A sooner
  • Gain academic skills to help you succeed at PCC and beyond


  1. Commit to homework every day
  2. Ask for help when you need it
  3. Attend your professor’s office hours and go to tutoring
  4. Set yourself up for success with good time management

The A+ESL classes are:

ESL 422 (CRN 70619) and ESL 122 (CRN 71191)
M T W R 09:45am - 12:20pm Room: C 158 Prof. Curtis

ESL 122 (CRN 72514) and ESL 033A (CRN 70631)
M T W R 09:45am - 12:20pm Room: C 162 Prof. De Carvalho

ESL 033A (CRN 71415) and ESL 033B (CRN 74683)
M T W R 09:45am - 12:20pm Room: C 153 Prof. Ruiz

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