Have questions about the ESL program? Use these frequently asked questions to hopefully give you answers. If you still have questions, please contact our division office

No, before you try to register for an ESL class, students are required to take an ESL placement test to register at the appropriate level that they placed.

You will complete the Directed Self-Placement in Online Orientation. Visit Assessment Services Office website for more information on how to take your placement test.

The ESL assessment test is designed to measure English skills for students whose first language is NOT English. Students are encouraged to take the ESL assessment test if English is their second language and if they are not fluent in English. If your background in English is similar to one or more of the following descriptions, you should take the ESL assessment test and not the English assessment test.

  • You took ESL classes in your senior year of high school.
  • You have difficulty communicating in English and/or completing forms in English.
  • You wish to enroll in ESL courses at PCC.

The Assessment office provides sample questions and resources for you to use to review. Visit the Assessment Services website for more information.

You will need to go to the Assessment Services Office in D-204, ask for to take an ESL placement test.
  • The placement exams can be retaken after eight weeks and only once annually.
  • Once you begin a course sequence and receive a grade in the course you cannot take the exam to skip to a higher course.

No. You will take your foreign language placement test with an instructor. Please email the Languages & Division at languages@pasadena.edu for more information.

Have questions about placement tests for the ESL or  Languages courses? Use these frequently asked questions to hopefully give you answers. If you still have questions, please contact our division office

Pasadena City College (main campus) offers classes with credit (to transfer to another university) and they charge a fee per unit. The CEC (annex campus) offers classes without credit and they are free. Review our "Is Credit ESL for me?" guidelines to find out more about the differences between the two programs.

PCC does not offer an Intensive English Language Acquisition program for students prior to enrolling in credit courses. All students must attain a certain level of English proficiency before coming to PCC. PCC does offer ESL classes for students to improve their academic language skills while taking other credit courses. Students are placed in these classes according to their results on a placement test.

Students are allowed to take any GE courses while taking ESL classes. However, we strongly recommend completing as many ESL classes before you take a GE class.

Instr Aprv Reqd stands for instructor approval required, which means those classes are reserved for a particular group. After we enrolled those students, those classes will be open for the general public.

Many International students participate in our ESL and Language programs. If you are an international student interested in taking courses in the Langauges and ESL division, please visit the International Students Website for much information on how to apply to PCC.

You may apply one course from a different school but at least two courses must be taken at PCC.

Yes. You can earn up to three certificates in one language basic, intermediate, advanced or you can earn certificates in different languages.

Yes, there are foreign language tutors in the campus Success Centers. Please refer to the Success Center website for more information.