Please read about the accomplishments and activities of our many hard-working students

Evelyn Vasquez

PCC Alumnus Evelyn Vasquez (2013) completed her first year of her doctoral program at UC San Diego's Literature Department.  She was an English major at Pasadena City College, where she earned the Ray P. Davis Award.  At UC San Diego, she is pursuing literature with a cultural studies emphasis.  Because of her high academic achievements, the STARS program (Summer Training Academy for Research Success) awarded Evelyn a fellowship to pay for her education for the next four years.  Additionally, Evelyn received the Jewish Studies Fellowship. In Fall 2019, Evelyn presented at the conference "Drawing Diversity: Identity in Comics and Graphic Narratives."

Kathy Bolivar, Lindsey Huynh, Graciela Perez, and Arthur Martinez

Students Kathy Bolivar, Lindsey Huynh, Graciela Perez, and Arthur Martinez attended and presented at the 6th Annual American Indian & Indigenous Collective (AIIC) Symposium: Decolonizing our Lives. They shared their poetry and papers in a panel titled "Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Learning from our Elders." The panel was moderated by Dr. Silvia E. Toscano, Assistant Professor at PCC, and received positive and encouraging feedback due to the amazing work of these students.