The Stretch Accelerated Composition (STACC) Program at PCC is a 2-semester Freshman Composition cohort community rooted in social equity and aimed at increasing transfer-rates for all students.

STACC is ideal for students who:

  • Is currently placed in English 100;
  • Is currently placed in English 1A, but would like to complete their "freshman composition" requirement over two semesters in a cohort instead of one semester.


STACC aims to compress the time-to-completion of Freshman Composition for those students who initially place into developmental sequences. STACC also offers an extra semester of support for students who place into English 1A but who wish to enroll in 2-semester for more time to develop their research, writing, and critical thinking skills. 

  • In STACC English 100 and STACC English 1A, transfer-level work is stretched over two semesters.
  • You will be part of a cohort of students that work with the same professor for both semesters in an accelerated, rigorous writing curriculum.

STACC Vision Statement and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

In a Stretch Accelerated classroom, students and faculty collaborate as part of a scholarly community. Faculty teach from a perspective of social equity to empower students as human beings with unique experiences, abilities and ideas. STACC curriculum places writing, thinking, reading, and scholarship at the core content of the courses, with students working metacognitively in their attempts to develop skills in the content area, to assess those skills through instructor guidance and self-reflection, and to transfer those skills to real-world, authentic writing experiences.

Mission Statement:

  • to increase access to and success in transfer-level composition courses
  • to celebrate the cultures, experiences, and abilities of our students
  • to guide students towards authentic and critical 21st century literacy
  • to foster students’ belief in themselves and their abilities to succeed
  • to empower students to see themselves as writers, scholars, thinkers, and world changers

Our Community of Educators Committeecollaborates together to develop curriculum, pedagogy, and practice informed by Dr. Melina Abdullah’s ideas for Coalition-Building in the classroom. To this end, the STACC teacher attempts to/and guides students to:<

  1. delve deeply and unapologetically into questions of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and other differences
  2. embrace different types of knowledge, not just our own
  3. value different ways of knowing
  4. center student experiences in the learning process
  5. develop partnerships with students and peers
  6. employ a group-centered process
  7. facilitate the rebuilding of collectivism and empathy

What happens in a STACC classroom?

  • Interdisciplinary Reading and Writing Projects: Students read texts from across the curriculum and write for multiple contexts.
  • Research: Students conduct research as a scholarly habit for all assignments.
  • 21st Century Composition: Students practice online writing and publishing using technology and media.
  • Development of the Authentic Voice: Students are empowered to nurture their own, distinct voices and modulate them to suit various purposes.
  • Metacognition: Students routinely reflect on and revise their reading, writing, and thinking processes in order to be self-aware learners.
  • Equity Pedagogy: Teachers create student-centered curriculum, which includes engagement with diverse texts and perspectives.
  • Community Building: Students are part of a cohort across two semesters.