Earn College Credit while still in high school AND Prepare for a Career Tech Program at PCC!

The CTE Transitions program is designed to help you gain academic knowledge, employability and technical skills. Programs lead to an associate degree or a certificate in a specific career field, and ultimately, to high wage, high skill employment or advanced post-secondary training.

As CTE Transitions participation you will earn college credit while still in high school and be able to attend our PCC SummerTech Institute before entering college. Plus, once you start at PCC you can join our DesignTech Pathway and get GUARANTEED classes. 

Who is CTE Transitions for?

CTE Transitions is for you if you:

  • Are interested in transitioning into a career pathway that will lead toward a future career
  • Would like to connect your academics to the real-world
  • Might desire attending a university after attending community college
  • Want to improve academically
  • Have decided to move beyond the life of being a student to that of a learner

Get Started

Ready to get started in CTE Transitions? Follow the steps below!

  1. Talk to your high school counselor to find out if your school/ROP has an articulation agreement with PCC.
  2. Consider your major/career interests and take a course in a career pathway of interest in high school with a "B" grade or better; along with any additional requirements stipulated by the articulation agreement.
  3. If you are in an articulated class at your high school complete a PCC Application to get a Student ID Number and use it to open a "New Student" CATEMA Account.

Questions? Email the Assistant Director, Educational Partnerships and Programs, Javier Carbajal-Ramos at jxcarbajal-ramos@pasadena.edu