Workshop Series 

Discovery Workshops

This workshop is designed for students who are exploring possible major/career paths, are unsure about their selected major, or are deciding between 2-3 major/career paths.  In this workshop, you will:

  • Build greater self-awareness of your interests, personality characteristics, and values
  • Identify occupations that connect with your interests

Before your attend the workshop, please complete the career assessment below:

  1. “Sign Up” for the PCC Career Assessment and create a Profile
  2. Click on “Take the career assessment”
  3. Complete the 60 question assessment
  4. Download, print & bring your results to the workshop
  5. Register for the Discovery workshop

Roadmaps to Employment

Click below to register:

  1. Picked my major: Got my ed-plan; What's Next?: Get ready to compete for the future job you really want. 

  2. LinkedIn: Social networking for your career.

  3. First Impressions: Building a strong RESUME.

  4. Landing the Job: INTERVIEW techniques that unlock opportunities. 

Attend a Workshop

Interested in attending a workshop at the Career Center? Come to L-103 or call us at (626) 585-3377 to find out about upcoming workshops and sign-up!