We can teach you how to network and create an effective job search strategy! We have several available resources that can help are:
  • Our workshops:
    • Roadmaps to Employment
    • Networking for Success - “It’s Who You Know”
    • “Linking In” - Developing a Profile that will get Noticed
    • A Foot in the Door - Become an “Insider” Through Work Experience
    • First Impressions - Building an Impressive Resume
    • Winning Over the Employer - Interview Techniques that Work
  • LANCERjobs - An online database for PCC students and alumni to search for jobs and post your resume.
  • Other job sites that are popular with students can be found here
  • Employment Binders - these have jobs that are not posted online
  • Interactive Resume Labs and customized help

Focus on your strengths! You have many abilities that you were born with and skills that you have developed in school, at home, and in everyday life. Employers are mainly interested in knowing if you have the skills to perform the job. Your resume can focus on those skills.

Any unpaid volunteer experience and internships can help too! Sign up for a “Foot in the Door” workshop in the Career Center.

A great way to get experience in a new field is by volunteering or getting an internship in the field of your interest. You may also be interested in taking classes that are related to that particular area to gain knowledge about the subject.

One of the best approaches is to talk to a professional in the field through an “informal interview.” Keep in mind that:

  • It’s not a job interview, it’s a way to gain knowledge, insight, and perspective about the field. This can help you when it’s time to interview for positions.
  • An informational interview is a great way to build your network. Often, you will maintain contact with the person you interviewed, and you can share news and ideas related to the career.

Be sure to emphasize transferable skills on your resume! A transferable skill is a skill that you have acquired during any activity in your life (jobs, classes, projects, parenting, hobbies, sports, virtually anything!) that are applicable to what you want to do in your next job.

You might also be interested in Job Shadowing. This involves following a professional throughout a workday to get a closer look at what a particular job involves.


There are two ways you can obtain an on-campus job:

  1. If you are eligible for Financial Aid or CalWORKS, you may qualify for a Work-Study Program, which places you in both on and off-campus paid positions.
  2. There are also several work sites that do not require you to be enrolled in a Work-Study Program. The Learning Assistance Center, Campus Bookstore, Campus Dining Services, and Police/Safety Services are some examples. Other students have found positions in academic departments.

Since this is an educational institution, our goal is to teach you job search strategies that you can use for a lifetime. We will help you every step of the way! Begin by signing up for one of our Roadmaps to Employment workshops, or make an appointment with a career professional.

Absolutely! For additional help, you can:

  • Sign up for our Winning Over the Employer workshop.
  • Try the Virtual Job Interview in the career lab.
  • Check out the Interviewing shelf in our career library.
  • Schedule a mock interview with a career professional

Many people find their jobs through networking, and just knowing someone can be one of the best sources to discover fresh job leads and new career contacts. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Sign up for our Networking for Success workshop
  • Tell everyone about the kind of job you’re looking for including friends, family, classmates, professors, hairdressers… everyone! Soon, somebody you talked to will know someone who can help you!.
  • Don’t ask for help. Ask for advice.
  • Look into professional associations and how they can help you meet people who are well-connected in your field of interest.
  • Schedule an appointment with a career professional to develop a networking plan.

Our biggest recruitment event on-campus is the Job Fair which is held each spring. You can look for flyers or come into the Career Center to learn more! Otherwise, some employers schedule job interviews on campus while others set up recruitment booths in the quad and schedule later interviews.

We can assist you in obtaining a job in a field related to your major through:

  • Online resources for your job search.
  • Online and in-print resources, which can give you suggestions about potential employment positions within your area of interest.
  • Resume Workshops and individualized resume sessions. These can help you with highlighting relevant coursework that you’ve already completed or that you’re currently enrolled in.