Your resume can get you an interview, but the interview is what will get you the job. Do you know how to best prepare for interviews? What is appropriate to wear? What kinds of questions to expect? How to answer their questions in a way that will get you the job? We have answers to your questions!

How to prepare for an interview

As a student, you learn all about studying for your exams. Treat your preparation for an interview the same way! You should research the company that's hiring, the industry you'll be going into, and questions commonly asked in interviews.

Here are some good places to start:

How to Dress

Keep in mind that every work environment has its own culture, and this culture can affect how people behave and dress. For example, in a law office, most people wear suits or business attire. With this in mind, the first step to deciding what to wear to the interview is to find out what the employees wear every day. You should then select clothing that is similar to the manager's at the work site. If you’re unsure, always use a conservative approach. Try to avoid fashion extremes such as low-cut or tight-fitting clothing, or sagging or baggy pants, etc.

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