What are Career Workshops?

The workshops at the Career Center are here to provide you with a great way to share ideas and get support from other students regarding your career/major decisions. You’ll be able to discuss your dreams and discover the path to your future career or major. Once you have an idea, we’ll even talk with you about how you can get the job you want and thrive in your work!

Types of Workshops

We offer a wide variety of workshops to help you with various stages of your career preparation. See below for a list of available workshops and how they might help you!


Our discovery workshops include:

  • Discover: Learn about yourself and discuss your interests and personality!
  • Explore: Get the facts about careers/majors. If you’re feeling stuck, we can help discuss possible solutions.
  • Connect: Pull everything you’ve learned together, and learn how to make decisions and plan your next steps.  

Career Journey

This series of workshops is just like the Discovery series but is specifically designed for English language learners.

Roadmaps to Employment

These workshops include:

  • First Impressions: Come to build a strong resume
  • A Foot in the Door: Become an “insider” through work experience
  • Winning Over the Employer: Learn valuable interviewing techniques that can unlock opportunities
  • Networking for Success: “It’s who you know”
  • “Linking In”: Learn how to develop a profile that will get you noticed!

How to Sign Up

To sign up for our workshops, you can come in person to the Career Center (L-103) to sign up or call us at (626) 585-3377.