To help you explore your career options, we have many resources to supplement your research. You can find out more about careers in specific fields with our resources outlined on this page. In this section you will also find information on choosing a major and career, our career prep workshops, and frequently asked questions.

General Career & Job Resources

For general information on career fields and job resources, check out our resources below:

Artistic Careers

We have many job resources for careers in various artistic fields. See below for a complete list of resources:

Criminal Justice & Legal

Check out the resources below if you're interested in learning about a career in the criminal justice and legal fields.

Engineering & Technology

For information on jobs in fields such as engineering, aerospace, or mechanical, see below:

Green Careers

If you’d like to learn about jobs in the environmental or conservation field, check out these links:

Health Care Careers

Learn about careers in the medical field ranging from nursing to dentistry!

Skilled Trades

For information on trades, click the links below:

Working Abroad

Interested in working abroad? If you’re an international student, we also have resources available for you, too!