Even if you've already chosen a major when you applied for admissions to PCC, you can still change your major later if you discover a new path you want to follow. In fact, it can be a good idea for you to explore different majors and careers even if you have already found one you’re interested in!

For financial aid, you will be required to declare an educational goal (major) before you can receive money. Furthermore, state law requires that you declare an educational goal and major before you complete 30 units in order to keep your priority registration. If you feel like there is a lot of pressure because of this, we are here to help.

We can help you decide on a major in several different ways. For more specific help, see below:

Walk-ins: Feel free to drop in to declare or change your major. If you’re not sure which major to choose, we can help you. You can stop by to make an appointment, sign up for a workshop, or just ask a question.

Workshops: We offer workshops that can help you get to know yourself better, start exploring majors and careers, and even help you create an action plan for reaching your goals.

Appointments: If you require further assistance, you can schedule a meeting with a career professional.

You might be thinking about our career assessments. For more information, speak with a career professional. 
Unfortunately, no. Because we have so many students using the library, we don’t have any books available for loan. However, feel free to come in between classes to read or even photocopy any pages of interest. 

You can never be certain that a career is the absolute right choice, but with the more information that you gather, your chances of finding a good match increase.

Wise career decisions are based on two kinds of information:

  1. Accurate information about different occupations (duties, preparations, working conditions, pay, outlook, etc.).
  2. Information about yourself is important too! (your interests, personality, values, and the skills you enjoy using)  

Even if you find a good match, the labor market is always changing, and you will also continue to change. So, you should put the time and effort into developing strong career research skills now that will benefit you throughout your life.