What Will You Become?

Need direction? Meet with a Career Counselor and have a Career Chat. We’ll help you complete an assessment and access online tools.  


Learn About You

At the Freeman Center, students receive one-on-one help from one of our qualified Career Specialists. We set you up on the path to a successful future through career exploration, career assessments, and expert help throughout the entire process.

Explore Your Career Options

Jobspeaker is just one of the tools we use to guide you towards your future career. With Jobspeaker, you can also access uExplore. uExplore allows you to view careers based on the industry of your choosing. Once you search an industry and select a job to view, you are now able to see all the national data on the job you selected.

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Connecting You with Employers

In addition to the one-on-one help you receive at the Freeman Center, we use a platform called Jobspeaker to personally match you with internships and jobs in your field of study based on your skillset. You’re probably thinking: “What skills do I have?” Jobspeaker uses the classes you’ve taken (classes = skills) and matches you with a list of possible opportunities that fit your skillset, major, AND your interests from your career assessment.

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Through Jobspeaker, you can access multiple workshops. These workshops give you an inside look and prepare you for your future internship or job.

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