The purpose of the President's Advisory Council on Education/Facilities Master Planning shall be to provide input and strategic direction on matters pertinent to the creation, review, and publication of educational and facilities master plans.  The Council shall serve as a broad-based forum bringing together many of the college's constituents in an atmosphere of collegiality and collaboration, therefore providing an avenue for college administrators to engage the college community in questions relating to the institution's long-term planning processes.

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  • Community Members (Trustee Delegates)
  • Tom Chavez (A. Fellow)
    Ken McCormick (H. Hilsman)
    Jonathan Gonzalez (B. Brown)
    Carlos Salcedo (J. Martin)
    Felicia Williams (J. Osterling)
    Joe Zeronian (L. Wah)

  • College Members
  • Erika Endrijonas, Ph.D., Superintendent/President
    Berlinda Brown, Board of Trustees
    John Martin, Board of Trustees
    Linda Wah, Board of Trustees
    Tony Barbone
    Richard Caldwell
    Candelario Diaz
    Graciela Caringella
    Rod Foster
    Sandy Lee
    Yuri Perez
    Katie Rodriguez
    Rosemary Scott
    Rueben Smith
    David Steiman