Meet Scholarship Winner, Maria Barrientos-Pulido!

For those suffering from math anxiety, help is on the horizon. PCC student Maria Barrientos-Pulido is setting out to find new ways to make numbers less scary...


Maria's Story

“People who don’t like math grew up believing they’re just not good at it,” she said. “What if they came at it from a different perspective?” She’s testing this theory by tutoring classmates, and this fall she’ll transfer to a university with aspirations to conduct math research and eventually teach at the college level.

Maria, winner of several PCC scholarships, is paying it forward as a dedicated member of the PCC Foundation’s philanthropic academy, Lancers for Life. “So many students want to have more. They want to go to college, but they have no way to go to college,” she said. “But there are lots of people who want to help. They are my motivation.”